Chick’s hatch’t

Today our chick’s hatch’t. There are eight more to hatch. Only two hatch’t. One is black and the other one is grey. They are loud!!!!!!!!

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What I got on my birthday

Yesterday it was my birthday. I got lego Ninjago video game.

I got lego Thor vs Loki and lego star wars.

I got an animal it’s name is Gus.

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My birthday

Today is my birthday. I have presents. They are on the table.

We are eating fry’d noodle’s. It is yummy.

I am opining it after lunch!!!!!!!!!

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Sweding hot and my birthday

Today it was sweding hot super hot. I werd my cap. Tomorle is my birthday.

I am happy super happy. yay yay!!!!!!!


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Table Blast

Today the cars are racing on a table. 3,2,1 GO! They are fast. The blue car is trying to put the red car in to the toy gate. They go table to table to table. The green car slip’d on the table. The golden car hits the silver car but the silver car gets back on the road. They are racing tight. The winner is the golden car!!!!!!!

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My bandade

When I came home from school my elbo was bleeding so I have a bandade. I am vary sad Super sad. It hurt a lot!!!!!!!

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City blast

Today the cars are racing in the city. It’s starting in 3,2,1 Go! The red car hits the purple car the white car hits the blue car. The pink car hits the green car. The purple car is leading the way. The winner is the white car!!!!!!!!!

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Space blast

Today the ships are racing in space.

The finish line is on the moon.

There are 3 second’s to start 3 2 1 GO.

The yellow ship hit’s the white ship and the white ship hit’s the blue ship onto the green ship.

The black one is leading the way.

The red ship hit’s the black ship and the red ship lead’s the way the winner is the red ship. The end!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Go fighting is starting today

Today I will go and see go fighting at night.

One of them kick’s onouther one.

My favorite chanll is go fighting!!!!!!!!!

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my neesis birthday is coming

My neesis birthday is coming.

She is still a baby!!!!!!!!


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