Flowing through a river (chapter 2)

Mackie was in shock hearing this news, How do I have older brothers? He then had to pack for his travels. Finally the day arrived. The day to go wild. No, Seriously. Mackie was leaving his home. Why aren’t they acting sad? Do they hate me? Mackie thought sadly. “Well, Goodbye then.” Mackie said sadly. Mackie watched as his parents shut the door and went in and he heard them saying “He’s so stupid” and he was heartbroken. Mackie watched his parents take his stuff and sell them to other kids in the neighbourhood. Mackie will never the same man again.

THE (tiring) WALK

I took a walk yesterday and I’m gonna write all about it (mostly the interesting stuff). I was supposed to write yesterday but I was too tired.

Anyway, at the start Grace and I were on the SkyTrain going to a place to take a walk. We took a wrong exit and we ended up seeing a weird parade. Anyway, Then we went to the “Vancouver Art Gallery”. and looked at art. The images of art are below.

The station’s name sign.

There are some plates and really big bowls that I like. There are also some vases there on the second floor.

This is a tree Grace and I were looking at before we were meeting Gloria outside.

Grace walking towards me
a really cool target
a bird monster

This photo is white because I was so close to it that it turned white. It was originally black.

This is a really cool artificial tree. After we took a walk and met with Gloria and we bought some bubble tea. I got strawberry with pearls and Grace got something with grass jelly, and Gloria got something with pearls.

After that I went home and my legs were so sore, you can’t imagine the pain! I ate dinner and watched the first episode of Loki.

Flowing through a river (chapter 1)

In a busy town somewhere in a fantasy world there was a young boy who loved croissants and salami. His name was Mackie. Now Mackie isn’t a VERY important character but he is important in a way that makes him “special”. However his two older brothers are more important. Their names are Matt and Mark. These names are pretty average but they are special in their own way. Mackie doesn’t know he has siblings but his parents know that he wants siblings. So one day they sit Mackie down and have a talk. “Hey, Mackie your mother and I have been meaning to tell you this for a while so… you wanna sit and listen?” “DEFINETLY!!!” screamed Mackie “Well you always wanted siblings right?” Mackie nodded vigorously “You have two older brothers.” “That’s great! Where are they?” “You need to find them.” “Why?” “Your brothers are wild”

A REAL Surprise

Once when I was being picked up from school something unexpected happened. It was a cold rainy day and kids were rushing to go home because of the heavy rain. I was ready to walk home, but my parents were picking me up by car. They probably didn’t want me to be in this pouring weather. In the car I was sitting in the back reflecting my day at school. When we passed where we were supposed to turn to go home. I gasped in alarm. “Where were we going?” I wondered. There could be so many places we could go, Costco, H-mart, Burnaby North (to pick up my sister Gloria), Lougheed mall, Metrotown, anywhere! I was still thinking when we passed a familiar street when it hit me: The Library.

After that I got a lot of books at the library and stayed cozy in the library building. I don’t remember what books I got but I do know, that I got chapter books. Then I went home to finished my lunch and chill.

In this story I felt a lot of different feelings. I felt relieved when I didn’t have to go home by foot, I felt surprised not going home straight away and I felt happy arriving at the library. This was a very fun experience for me and I actually enjoyed being surprised for a person who doesn’t like surprises.

The heatwave

Recently there was a heatwave. It was as high as fourty two degrees celsius. What was my family and I doing? Well we were chilling in the basement while turning on the fan. During the time when the temperature was going down we went to my sister’s graduating ceremony. We had to line up in the sun at really hot temperatures. Luckily our time was before the hottest time of the day. It isn’t that hot now so I guess that’s the good side. My sisters and I were  doing a lot of things when it was hot, but I don’t remember what we did anymore.

Do you ever just…

Do you ever just…

  1. Think (about anything)
  2. Do something you don’t want to do because your brain says you have to do it or your parent says you have to do it
  3. eat
  4. spend quality time with someone you love (family and friends)
  5. type a blog post

That was a list of things I just do. Now for a poem I think of on the spot.

Oh, oh eating is so savuoring                                                                                                   I don’t know how my greeting                                                                                               is like eating                                                                                                                                   I have a stick                                                                                                                                   with a kick


Father’s day 2021

Today was fathers day and it was a very good day. First off, my family and I went to the library today and I got some THICK boy books, along with small boy books. I read some of them and I have a lot more to go!

About my Dad’s day (today): My sisters and I made a little thing for dad and it was pretty cute. We made a coulorful bok choy thingy and some small, flat mushrooms. I did a small portion of the gift and my sisters did most of it (I was asleep in the meantime).

Mom watching the “EURO CUP 2020” and other stuff

Mom is watching the “EURO CUP 2020” these days. It’s just about Europe countries playing soccer against each other. It has the “2020” part in it because they didn’t have one last year, Gloria told me the other day. I’m not that into soccer, although I do watch the soccer games. I sometimes root for a team.

School is almost over and I’m grateful for that, for a couple of reasons. 1. Time to stay up later and get up later. 2. No more stress-ish with work. 3. I don’t have to deal with annoying people at school. Those are few of the many and I don’t think I can list all the reasons from the top of my head.

I’m making a “Kiazo” level in “Super Mario Maker 2”. It’s just wall jumping from wall to wall, so what makes it hard is that there are spikes and other hazards in the way to make you die. I’m currently still making the level right now and it’s just very hard. I don’t think I can beat in one go.

Anyway, this is the main topic. Grace came home on the sixteenth! Now she sleeps in the basement instead of with Gloria in their room. Why? That’s because that room is Gloria’s private room.


My dad made a Minecraft server so I can play on it with my sister, Grace. I made a bone house with a nether portal underground and gear for Grace. I am really proud of it and I really want to play with her.

I got netherite armor and netherite tools that are enchanted. I want her to put more enchantments on HER tools and armor. I did mine already. You use books to enchant things and you put the thing you WANT to enchant in the anvil and put a book there, then it’s enchanted.


We all have them. Sometimes here, sometimes there, sometimes in your underwear! But seriously we do. There are the basic ones like happy, sad, mad, angry and calm. There are other feelings too. But those are also emotions. You can feel the emotion. That’s how they are related. I don’t like to talk about my own feelings because I don’t like too and I think it’s awkward. 🙂


P.S this is a short post because it’s for fun. 🙂