I love my sisters. They are great sisters. They care for me and we all have a strong bond. My two sisters are both older than me so I don’t have responsibility which is really nice. I get to be the youngest and be the baby of the family. My sisters don’t really criticize my work, they just laugh at it and give me advice. That’s right! Their advice is WAY better than all of my teachers advices. They make sure I can understand it and show an example. Sometimes my sisters are kind of scary because they laugh at the same time and it’s loud. It’s also about something I don’t know about.





ya hear that?


I want to make another single player Minecraft world. I want to do that so I can finally get diamonds in a single player survival world. It would be my first time getting them. I think it will be difficult since I play Minecraft without killing mobs that can kill me so that is a problem. I think I should build a house close to a village and make a mine not too faraway so I can get iron so I can get the very rare diamonds. I hope that it will be possible for me to obtain the diamonds one day.


My story is bad and I dislike it (The story I wrote for a school assignment. It has many mistakes. I don’t really like what I did to the story either and I wished that I made it something different. I also wished that I made the story a bit longer so it would make more sense and it’d be more satisfying to read. I also wish that the whole story would be different because I don’t really think that it’d be good if I continue to write about it. I do think the front and back of the book look good though!


I’m gonna be building a house for my sister Grace on a Minecraft server to make her play. It’s been really hard to build it. There are still ten days until my deadline for it. I hope I can build it till then. I’m very excited for building it. I have been working really hard on it for the past few days. I would wake up in the morning and build it. I’d get up at nine or ten in the morning. While I was building it I noticed that my horse disappeared. I’m still on the case to find my horse or find out what happened to it.


I got an elephant in a surprise random item in a bath bomb thing. It had a twenty five percent chance and I got it. I got the bomb from my sister Grace’s class’s presentation items that we can buy while my family and I were in Toronto. I didn’t open it ’till we came back to Burnaby where I’m writing this post. The event was very interesting and I had a lot of fun taking pictures and looking at all the work. It was so interesting! Out of all of them my favourite is still my sisters one. Why? I think it’s because it has the most to look at and it’s really cool.

A Knight was Dumb at the Castle

Once upon a time there was a dumb knight at the castle his name was George. The princess was named Jace and she was mad at George because he dropped a cup of water. Jace threw George away from the castle and he died. The princess’s dad then set an execution for his daughter for murder.

(This was a draft from 2017 so I just ended this quickly and published it)


School is great. You get to learn things that you might not even need but they force you to learn it. You are also bored during recess periods. Other than that it’s great. Oh wait. I forgot how bad some of the people are. The teachers are great (most of them). I have three other boys that I hang out with everyday outside and they’re all great. Sone people at school are kind of weird but I’m not going to get into that. The art projects are fun and I like that because my two sisters can help me in it.


There is ABSOULUTLEY NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT. I have no idea what to write about. I’ve already written about anything that comes to my mind so there is no point in writing the same thing. I’ve written about food, holidays (there are no holidays currently that are interesting), video games, stories, my vaccine… Oh I got my second covid vaccine the other day. Kind of similar to my first dose. I’ve also written about, walks, sports, my interests, my dislikes, my family, nature, cars, words meanings, my life, what is happening at the moment of updates, when I’m sick (which I haven’t been for a while and for that I’m grateful), furniture, more food, art, building, snacks, stuffys, shopping, birthdays (There aren’t any birthdays at the moment) and a lot more. As you can see I’m running out of ideas (or not if you are one of my sisters who think I should use the topic ideas doc, though I already wrote about everything that’s on there… sisters: please add some stuff on that doc). Anyway, I’m still trying to think of a topic, either for today or for next week if I keep on rambling about this topic of not being able to find a topic. I mean I hope I can ramble about this topic for a thousand words. It’s not very likely though. I don’t think I’m able to think of a topic without that doc at the moment (sigh).


“We are the local police force, tell us your name as we interview you,” said the man at my door.                                                                                                                      “Wendy Mo,” I stammered.

“Good, you answered honestly as the person who worked with a wanted criminal, Orville Salk.”

“What do you mean ‘worked with’?” I asked.

“He came in the house and you let him out perfectly free and with no scratches.”

“He came into my house with a gun sir. He was gonna fire if I didn’t let him go without hitting him.”

“Oh really? He always comes to this house when he breaks a crime.”

“I just moved in a few weeks ago. Surely he didn’t break a law in the last few weeks?”

Lunar New Year (2022)

Today is Chinese New Year! We had a great dinner yesterday on Chinese New Year eve so we still had most of it today for todays dinner. This year is the year of the tiger. Sadly I’m not a tiger, but I AM a bunny. Being a bunny means that next year is MY year. I ‘ll be twelve! yay… heh heh heh. Every year that is after tiger is MY year, the bunny one! We didn’t do anything for Lunar New Year at school like the younger grades so I didn’t really remember that it was the new year.