Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, December the twelfth [twelve twelve] I think I got her a present today. It’s really cool. I made it and it’s from the first nations. I love it and I have to give it to someone. It’s from ceder and is hard to get!!!!!!!!!

Winter concert 2

At the night time concert my sister went to watch and it took me a quarter of the song to find her. Three people did not come to the night concert. I was really nervous for both of the concerts. The concerts went through very well. It was a very confusing during the start!!!!!!!!


I had the first winter concert done today. The other concert is at six-fifteen pm today. I am on an instrument that I do not know how to spell and singing. My class is fourth and we are singing sleigh bells. Some people are not coming at night. We need to look good!!!!!!!!!!


I’m really good at racing in the Forza Horizon games. The games all have cool and weird cars. I can throw them way behind me in free for all races. I usually lose in showcase events, which are races against one person in a different vehicle. I really want them to make a game for next year!!!!!!!!!!


I find something weird. It’s that I normally get a lot of videos in my home, but today there wasn’t as much. There were only two. That’s super weird right? I don’t think there are going to be a lot of fun today. Do you think that’s weird? See you next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OH RIGHT! There are two more weeks of school! I can hang out and think of what school will be like in term two. I am excited to not wake up in the morning and be awaken by my mom, instead I can get up at twelve! I can also stay up late and play video games!!!!!!!!!!!!


I”m not ready for it. Oh, right you don’t know why. It’s because I finished the grade three workbook and on the grade four workbook. It’s gonna be really hard. I am gonna need a lot of help this time too. I hope you do well in your next workbook!!!!!!!!!!!


I built six Lego guns, an axe and a koala sword. I built them yesterday. They are right beside me and are very cool. The sword is called a koala sword because the top looks like a koala. It has all the powers because it is rainbow coloured. I am creative!!!!!!!!!!


T have another sister that is older than me. Her name is Gloria. She is really kind. She also likes to play ping pong. She is good at math and biology.She gets mad at me a lot. She gets along very well with my other sister Grace. I love her!!!!!!!!!!

build 1

I built a rollecoaster, a house and an igloo in minecraft. I am also working on a hotel in minecraft. It is going to be really cool! I am still working on the first floor. The first floor is going to be a lobby and a store. I can’t wait to tell you more! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!