Spring Break has started for me. I have two weeks to chill and have fun. I might meet up with my friends over the break with or without those who are on vacation. I do have one assignment but I’m almost done it and I’ll give it to my friend for him to do his part. I do have to walk to his house but it’s fine because I need my “daily” exercise. Today is technically the first day of Spring Break because the last two days still counts as the weekend. So far I have planned that I would build my dad a house in Minecraft. I might do other things to add to the plan but I’ll probably add them on later.

I also played this game called Trombone Champ that my sister bought. I think it’s kind of funny because I play the Trombone for band and I’m playing a video game about it. I have only played the game twice so I’m still pretty bad at the game. I hope I can get more colour variations of my Trombone. Did you know that when you pick your character it actually says “Choose Your Tromboner!” hehe… The controls for the game are pretty simple and playing with them is pretty smooth. You just use your mouse to move up and down and use any of the letter keys (or space bar) on your keyboard to play a note. You can also get cards of things using your toots. When you have a duplicate of a card you can discard it and turn it into the other currency turd. There are 50 cards and I think I have a good amount of them considering I started playing yesterday.

On console I have played Super Mario Odyssey more often and even learned how to do big jumps with my pro gamer skills. I’m just kidding I just think it’s fun to do big jumps to places and replaying the game. It’s not necessarily speedrunning but I can beat the game in 2 hours and 16 minutes! This means I can do this in one sitting if I don’t get tired midway through. I don’t mean to flex but I can beat the bosses pretty quickly. Along with playing SMO I will play Project Sekai on my phone very often because I kind of grind the game for 2.5 anniversary gacha but I don’t think I will because I like looking at my account that has a lot of gems. I will also stay prepared for other gachas because I want to stay with at least 4000 gems but that might not be possible with all the different gachas.

For non virtual activities I have… stretching? My sisters and I will probably not play badminton because of the pollen and we all have allergies. I will try to make an effort to post more but I somehow always forget. One highlight is that my dad is flying back from America today. He was visiting my grandpa because of some health problem. I’m glad my grandpa is feeling better. I can read my library books too! I am reading this really good book called “A Brief History About Pasta” and I’m learning a lot about pasta. I have other books but I want to finish this book first.

Alright, getting hungry and got to go make dinner so, bye bye


Hey! It’s 2024. I don’t like that. Time really is going by too fast. 2024 is also the year that I will be graduating elementary school. It’s kind of scary. Plus when I go to high school it’ll be the same school as my sisters but a different building. Yikes. Maybe I should slow down a bit.

Last time I posted was in September, September 20th I believe. I didn’t even talk about my school year yet! This year was great so far school wise. Outside of school wasn’t that great because I went to a funeral for a man that was like another grandpa to me. When my dad told me I couldn’t even focus on my homework. Besides that it was fine. For Christmas 2023 I got a new waterbottle! WOO! It was pink and had a lid that turns into a cup along with a strainer like cap as well. Now I can drink tea (if I wanted to) in my own waterbottle. My previous waterbottle was leaking out the top so it had to stay upright which is why I was so excited for this waterbottle. I also got some keychains, a book, more nerf bullets (that hurt a lot), and some things I ca build. I gave each of my family members a paper crane that I folded using my sister’s origami paper. It was hard because I’m bad at folding things.

For this year I hope I can be more organized, have a mind that is open to more things and write more here and in my diary. Bye bye!

My last SRC experience

Hey. Let me tell you what I finished recently. It is the summer reading club. I have to do it every year since kindergarten to Grade 7. This year I only read a couple of books because this wasn’t much of a reading year. It was more of a gaming year because I played games with my sisters and played other 3D games. Some of the books I read were, Want, Ruse, Wonderstruck, and The Invention of Hugo Cabret. My favourite out of those four has to be The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I liked it because it involved clocks and I thought it was really cool that Hugo could fix a big clock in a clock tower at such a young age. The art was also really cool. My favourite page with art on it has to be the zoomed out version of the city his grandparent made. The reason I do SRC is because my mom made me but it isn’t that bad now that I think about it because I get a medal. Anyway I’m glad it’s all over. Bye!

Beginning of Grade 7

I started Grade 7 a few weeks ago. I started off every morning with safety patrol. Last year’s head teacher asked my friends and I if we could do safety patrol for the first two weeks.  Today was actually the first day I went straight to my classroom, not the office for safety patrol. This year we got our classroom later than normal. 🙁 My sister is back this year so I’m beyond ecstatic. I couldn’t really show that the first week (in our normal class) because I caught a cold. I got to the class I wanted with most of my friends. It is sad that one of my closer friends are in the other class. We have too many grade sevens this year so we can’t have one math class for grade seven and one for grade six. I hope I get better.

I’m back from San Francisco

I’m back. On the flight home I was asleep for two thirds of it. It was also really fast so we got home before we thought we would. Now the desk I use with the computer on is in front of my dad. I got to build two Lego sets that I brought home. Both of them were Ninjago ones. One was of Dragons Rising and the other was just a random one with two minifigures I wanted. I also got to play Super Mario Odyssey. Grace bought it with a Mario Kart Eight Deluxe whiteboard schedule thing. It’s super fun and after two days I’m, already at Metro Kingdom. I really like being back here.

I’m in San Francisco

I’m in San Francisco right now. My Grandpa is doing very well and I got to see people on my moms side. They are mostly old becuase they’re my grandparents’ siblings. After watching and listening to what they do in their day to day life makes me think thats how I’m going to be with my siblings. Right now we are halfway through our trip. I got to eat a lot of food from my grandpa. I also went to the malls and other places here. I got to go to target and I haven’t been there since it closed in Canada. I also saw the other stores that were also pretty cool.

I’m going to San Francisco

I will be going to San Francisco on Friday. Friday is the 18th of August. This will be my first time going as I haven’t been there in seven years. I was five then and I went with my family. This time it’s only my mom and Gloria. Grace and dad went there in January so they won’t be coming with us. The reason for our visits is because we are visiting my grandpa. I’m very excited to show my grandpa my Animal Crossing New Horizons island. I want to show him all my creations and hard work. I also haven’t talked to my grandpa in a long time too. We only talked on the phone or video call but even then it wasn’t often.

I’m not that scared anymore

I started my playthrough on normal mode and I’m already on Chaos island. It took me roughly ten hours? I also did a lot of exploring. I did so much of that I got fast travel to all portals on Ares and Chaos island. I can fight Knight now. I have the white Chaos Emerald unlocked and all the others (except the purple/pink one) in my possession. Soon I can get to Ouranos island. I had a lot of fun exploring, even though I have been there before. I am also much faster now too. I got to Ares island a couple hours faster than on my first playthrough. I feel happy playing the game.

I have not stopped being scared

I beat Sonic Frontiers on easy mode! I said I was going to go slowly to the harder modes. It took me eighteen hours for my first playthrough on easy mode. I think I’ll take longer for the other modes because it’s harder and I’m very bad at the game. Ever since I beat it I haven’t opened it because I was to scared and stressed from it I need to take a break by playing ACNH.

These days while playing ACNH I’ve been trying to collect things. I am almost done collecting all the songs. I’m also trying to finish the underwater and the art sections of the museum. For the underwater section I’m missing a bit but I just caught a fish so we are closer now. For the art I’m missing a lot because we never really bought art.

I’m still scared

I did not fight SHARK. Instead I got memory tokens and Chaos Emeralds. Then I killed the Titan there, Wyvern. Before I became Super sonic the part was rather easy. It was just like Sonic Dash. The actual fight was hard because a kind of suck. Anyway now I’m on the third island, Chaos island and it looks so sad and gloomy but also like a donut with some big crumbs around it. I loved seeing Sonic mostly corrupted. He looked like he was dying though. I’m also really excited to see Tails. I love that guy. Right now I’m struggling to get to the island where the first Chaos Emerald is. I died right before I reached it.