My teacher

My teacher at school is a great teacher and I like him a lot. He does not believe in home work but he does give home work to you. He says that he will rarely give you home work. He is also indigenous but from the other side of Canada. He does extra time but sometimes when somebody is not good it will have an effect to the whole class. I think that’s fair because it might teach them a lesson.

Playing with friends

I was playing Mario kart 8 deluxe with two people that I don’t count as friends but are okay to me. One guy’s name is Nathan and the other guy is named Justin. We played us three and nine computers. Nathan made a room for us to all play in. Nathan’s older brother made a group chat with Justin and my mom on the what’s up app. It was pretty fun playing with them. We did battle mode and racing mode.

The sand war

Yesterday at school we sorta had a sand war. It was two different teams that are making sand buildings. There was a leader on each team and the team I worked for first leader was Chase and the team I worked for after leader was Ava. The reason why I left Chases team was because it was to crowded even though we are supposed to be social distancing. So me and Jamie went to Ava’s team. She started crying because a grade five named Nathan broke her building and she was crushed.

Reading my book

I was reading my book today and yesterday. I love the books I’m reading. It is the series of books that are older than me other than the last book which was the year 2013. I only need to read the last book of the series now. My sister Grace told me that this series is a good series of books and I agree with her. I forgot to tell you that the series involve a lot of owls. I also read the other series of books that involve wolves

I want noodles

I want noodles right now. I want them this instant. If you are reading this like a year later I still want noodles so it doesn’t matter when you read it. I love noodle s a lot and you probably know that already. I cannot wait till Saturday to eat the noodles that I want to eat. I like the specific type of noodles because it has a good taste. I really want to eat it now.

Hot School Day

Today at school it was super hot. I was so hot that I took off my mask and sweater. We were out in the sun and the sun can make you hot easily. Plus we have the portables and the sand field so we don’t have many undercover spaces or areas. I also had my feet hurt today. It hurt because normally I know my limit of running too much and I stopped running because of my limit. When my teacher said we are going out to do PE he said to run three times from one place and back.


I am into a new game that I play in real life. I used my toy mega blocks to make the stove, the counter space, the sink and the cashier thing. I also made avocado toast with fish sandwich. I like the game so much. I have a storage room with most of my cooking supplies. I have the stove proudly made. I also have some interesting stuff I probably won’t use. I also made a menu with dishes, beverages, dessert and weekly specials.

First day of grade 4

I had a first day of grade four today. It was okay. My teacher is pretty good. I like him as my teacher. It’s kind of a bummer that we are not in the building and that we are in the portables.He has pretty fun games that he described that we might play in this year. I really need to think of a nickname for tomorrows game that we will play. It’s called name something. I need to have the word before my name to start with a G and and a right after.

Playing CPR with grace along with calls

I played that game again. I played it with just Grace though. Gloria did not join us. I actually wanted to play the game so I started playing. Then I went to check my messages on my messaging app and saw that she said she will play too while she eats her dinner. We did not call this time we just went to chat on the messaging app. I went to one place and one person was alone and he wanted to be my friend in the game. Then I told Grace to come and she did. He also wanted to be her friend. He gave us requests fight after we entered the room. It was a lot of fun. After that I was messaging her saying I don’t know what to do with all the space. So I called her and she saw what I have. She gave me a whole bunch of ideas. but I ended up using the space with my own idea. It was to make a fake kitchen! I made it with her and I played it with her. Later Gloria (my other sister) came and we played with the kitchen. I was the chef and she was the customer. I think the game is pretty cute.

Playing club penguin with my two sisters

Yesterday I played Club Penguin Rewritten with my two sisters together. We did a lot of the games that we can play together. At first it was just Grace and I playing and then Gloria wanted to join so we were gonna get her in but we both lost connection so we went to an empty server. We played card-jujitsu fire and we went sledding. We played find four and mancala (only Grace and I played it).