BOOM! An explosion happened in the City of Gabriel. “The explosion has caused many injuries but no deaths… yet,” the news reporter said. “Now to Gabriel himself on the explosion.”

“The explosion was terrible, we were just about to rebuild the whole city after the tornado that happened three years ago. Now we have to rebuild the whole city again AND cover all the holes it made,” Gabriel said. “The man who had set the bomb has not been caught but we know the man. The man has a record of doing terrible things around the world. We haven’t found the man but we know that he always goes to the same spot after each bad thing he has done. Now back to you reporter”

“The explosion has made a big impact on putting us farther back on rebuilding. Check back in tomorrow on ‘Gabriel News.'”


“Careful! You are going into the stories of Gabriel’s life, I’m warning you, later it will be very dangerous.” That’s what I like to say to frighten you. I think that in the future this will be a really terrifying place to be, though it also might not be. I love telling a family member: Careful, when they are going somewhere out of the house. Although it’s foolish I say that to make me feel better in a way. Damn, I need to find a better way to make me feel better when someone is leaving the house. I don’t like leaving the house.


Art is pretty cool. I like to look at the art other people draw. Some art is like short videos! I like the short videos too. I also watch those scary ones. Speaking of the scary ones, A guy on YouTube makes horror short films with Animal Crossing New Horizons. He uploaded one on YouTube yesterday and I haven’t watched it yet. He’s using the new camera angle to make it eve MORE scary than the ones he’s done in the past. Other than those pieces of art I like music art. Though I don’t listen to them often, I still like them.


Yesterday I had a terrible sleep. I slept a whopping five hours! I went to bed at ten-ish and fell asleep around eleven and I woke up at four in the morning. My dad went to sleep at five. I knew because I heard a door shut at that time so it must’ve been dad. I did not take a nap yesterday because I wouldn’t fall asleep. I was awake for eighteen hours! Three fourths of a day. Today I got a better sleep, it was a typical weekend sleep so I’m grateful for that. I hope I don’t get another day like that soon!

Halloween 2021

Halloween is tomorrow and I’m not excited. It’s a fun occasion but I’m not trick or treating. I also didn’t wear a costume for school so…

Anyway, the people who DID dress up had pretty cool costumes. The ones that weren’t cool were the store-bought ones. There were a lot of Mario’s from “Super Mario” .  Someone made a toilet for their costume, others made Minecraft characters. One guy in my class used a cardboard paper and put a lot of juice box covers on it to make a vending machine.

My teacher was a banana along with another guy in my class.

NOODLE meals

I had three meals that included noodle sin a row! It was yesterdays lunch and dinner, and today’s lunch. Yesterdays lunch was instant noodles that was a little bit spicy. Yesterdays dinner was left over beef for the noodles. On the twentieth we had beef noodles for my sisters birthday. We still had leftovers so we just ate that for yesterdays dinner. Today’s lunch was beef soup with instant noodles. My mom made it. I ate it because she made too much or something and I could just take it. Today’s dinner was pasta and it was really good. I really like the meatballs.

Exciting new acnh update!

I’m excited about the final major free update in animal crossing new horizons. I am looking forward to decorating with all the new things I’m available to get. I’m also looking forward to Harv’s island. Now you can also see behind his house and more! I think you have to spend bells on it to get to really cool stuff. There’s also this rooster that serves coffee in the museum. He WILL run the roost. I like how you can scan amiibo’s to invite villagers to the roost. There’s also this boat guy that takes you to mystery islands. I can’t wait till November 5th!

Rocket league (AGAIN)

I love this game now. It recently (this year) made it that it’s free to play AND it’s free to play online, so I played a lot of online. I have a silver rank in competitive doubles and a bronze in hoops (basketball). I Used a square like car that’s called Merc. It’s a really strong car. After that I started using the Venom and the Dominus. The venom is skinny and the Donimus is flat. I still use the “car that makes the ball bounce high”, Octane. It’s a really good car for flying (arieling). I hope I get better at the game soon.

ANIMAL crossing

I have plans for my island in Animal Crossing. I want to make it look nice WHILE it has a lot of space. I’m trying to get rid of the flowers so we can do it. I have decorated most of the island. I want to decorate the parts that STILL have lot’s of flowers. That includes the top left corner, the bottom left corner and the middle upper part. I don’t know what to do with it. I hope I get ideas in the future! For now I remove flowers and get money to pay my loan and ramp.

Flowing through a river chapter 6

The kid named Mackie was then escorted to our leader by a couple of kids around our age. We walked in silence for a while. My brother, Matt broke the silence. “hey, where are you from kid?” Mackie who was paying no attention didn’t respond. My brother didn’t ask again. Odd thought Mark. My brother doesn’t give up that easily. When they arrived the room was full of people.

The kids who brought me here were ordered to stay in the room. I was still observing the room when their leader was asking me questions. “Hello! Kid, tell me your name so we can stop calling you kid.” ordered their leader. “M-m-me?” Mackie stammered ” YES YOU!” yikes thought Mackie This guy must be a handful “M-ma-my name is Ma-ackie” Mackie said frightened. “Mackie you say? Nice name.” “Th-th-tha-thanks!” ” You went through quite the pickle earlier with the Revor.” ” What’s a Rever?” ” You don’t know? It’s a carnivores animal.”