It’s a game that I play daily right now for a few days. It’s basically Mario party but with WAY better graphics. I started playing on my sister Gloria’s birthday. I haven’t unlocked any of the four characters that I have to unlock yet. I have to unlock Dry bones (my favourite guy), Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong and Pom Pom. Pom Pom is a koopa that has a red shell but is short and is a boss fight person.

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What will my lunch be? I have no idea of what I will eat for lunch later. I could eat instant noodles and other stuff or I could eat… anything I like at least. I want to eat instant noodles, maybe even add some meat in it. I might eat spicy ones or not. I might eat soup ones or not. I haven’t decided yet. If I eat instant noodles I might share with my sister Gloria, if I don’t… well I don’t know.

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I am not a big fan of the veggies. I like meat… like I said yesterday. I don’t like bok choy, mushrooms and a lot more different types of veggies. I rarely like a type of veggies. I like long ones that are hard to chew and one that is called yellow something veggie in Shanghainese. I also like to eat cucumbers. I had to eat some veggies that I do not like today.

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I like eating meat. It is my favourite type of food other that tofu and noodles. I like to eat pork, lamb, beef, and chicken. Today we ate pork meat that had peppers and other stuff on it. Some sides were too hard for my teeth and I don’t have enough teeth. So I only ate the middle parts and squishy place. I love to eat MEAT!

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Glorias b-day

Today is Gloria’s birthday. We ate cake and finally tried out the game that is hers that I really like. The game is called “Super Mario Party” It turned out to be really complicated. My other gift for her is more of a her gift then a family gift. I made her little thing an outfit. My mom sewed it.  It had a pink shirt and a red hat. It turned out great!

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It’s a really old game that came out five years ago. My dad got it two days ago. I can’t play on line but I can play with CPUs. I like playing with CPUs because it’s the only way I can play and because we can pick the difficulty. I use a short car that can make the big ball go high up. I think I’ll stay with that because the large ones are strong but can make the ball go straight.

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I like reading books. Books are really important to me. I like to read because it is a way that I like to entertain myself with. I like reading books that are fake and have a few real things, like the Gradians of Ga’hoole tree. It is so good, if your reading this you should read the books I type here and if your my sister ignore them. I also read all the Geronimo Stilton books. I read all the series of books from him, like Kingdom of Fantasy. cave mice, space mice, Vikings and the time travel ones.

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Mario kart home circuit

It’s a game that came out yesterday. It’s called home circuit because you can make your own tracks. It’s another Mario kart game on the switch. I don’t really want it, A because my dad will say we don’t have enough space and I can’t leave it there, B it’s quite expensive. It’s like a hundred bucks. I mean you could buy four of them for the price of the switch console. C there are only like two characters you can use and not a lot of them.

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It is a messaging app that I recently got on my phone. I had it on my computer for a while. I like using it a lot because I don’t always have to use wechat on my phone anymore. If I look up I can see that the messenger app logo is not all blue with white anymore. It has pink at the top and goes to purple, then gets to blue at the  very bottom.

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I love eating it. I like having it in my sushi and I like to eat the snack types of it. I don’t want to see a real seaweed piece in the ocean being all wiggly. In fact I just finished eating a pack of the snack seaweed. I like to eat it because it is crunchy and really bendy. I like to eat it because of the flavour and some other random stuff. Did you know that my sister Gloria also likes to eat seaweed? I knew that from my grandma on my dads side. I love it a lot.

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