Do YOU need anything in your life? or perhaps want? I mean like an item or thing that you need to survive. For example, essentials, like life essentials. Some life essentials are water, food, shelter and people. Then there are wants. Maybe you want things for entertainment or something that looks cool. With nothing to do you may be bored out of your mind. That’s why in my opinion we also need our wants in life. Not all of them but some to keep life interesting and to keep yourself from doing something you might regret in the future. I hope you all knew this before you read this.

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“WEEEEeeeee…” cried JORGE.

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In the world I got a lot of iron and coal from the mountains. I also made a garden for my grandparents that passed away (not the ones that are living yet). The garden has flowers and a maze. I think I just finished the expansion to the maze. At the end of the maze a made a throne with a secret at the back. The secret is just a diamond sword that is enchanted and not used. It’s called reward. I know, great name for a sword. I think I should put flowers in the maze. I showed my parents it and they like it.

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My new Minecraft world

I started a new Minecraft world on my Minecraft account. It’s called “YEWAH WE BUILDIN” and in the beginning I was just building in creative mode but now I used cheats and commands to play in survival mode. I made a base in survival mode in a hole I created using TNT it creative mode. After I made a storage room and made a villager trading room to trade with villagers and I flattened the hole using dirt. After that I made a field of poppies because Remembrance day is coming up. I used Iron Golems and commands to get the poppies I needed to plant in the ground. I also want to do more mining in the world. I’ll update you about the world in the future!

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Dad in the Basement

My dad is renovating the basement. We (family) are working on it together. He is painting the walls because it needs a new look. Later we need to move everything on the carpet to the part that is done so we can change the carpet to the vinyl flooring. I don’t really want to help my dad do it on some days because I went to school and I’m exhausted. I was especially tired when I came home from the Terry Fox run at school. Sometimes it’s really boring helping my dad because he’s doing whatever needs to be done and you’re just sitting/walking there being hungry or bored. When he is painting and waiting for the things to dry we are not allowed to touch the wall or the paint will get on our clothes. Here’s a photo of me putting tape on the doorframe to prevent it from getting painted.


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Grade 6 Begins

Grade six started two weeks ago and my teacher is the teacher that taught my two older sisters that are 18 (turning 19) and 22 years old. I am in a class with the grade sevens. Our class has twenty eight people and 14 of us are in grade six and 14 are in grade seven. I sit at a table with five other grade six’s. Also because I’m in grade six I can do a lot of other things around the school. I signed up for safety patrol and my 18 year old sister did it too! My first time doing it is next week on Monday.

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parents away

My parents are away from home at the moment. It’s so weird not having my sister and two parents home at the same time. right now it’s just my sister and I at home. We are cooking for ourselves and doing laundry. My sister has lived away from home for four years so I have no trouble with feeling like we can’t do it. Nowadays I’m just doing things around the house to keep myself busy. With no sister and parents I am getting less hugs than I usually get. Also my eczema on my hand just got worse yesterday and now there is a lot of holes on that finger.

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I am having sooo much fun… my parents went to San Francisco again because my moms mom passed. They are great company for my moms dad. My sisters and I are at home here and today we just got the new dryer. Our previous dryer broke so we had to get a new one. My sisters are going to take a nap now because they woke up really early to get the dryer installed with our neighbors help and the guy that came with it. I was still in bed when they were installing it so I didn’t get to see how they did it.

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AAAAARGhhhh!! I’m frustrated. I didn’t do my workbook earlier this year. Now I have to do all of it in one month. I’m struggling with the work in the book. I’m also scared of my sisters judging my answers when I’m wrong. It’s kind of embarrassing. I hate doing it. By the way in Asphalt I starred up my Dodge Viper ACR. Now I can play more story mode to unlock more cars. I am also very close to starring up my Ferrari Laferrari. I need three more blueprints. I am also grinding a game similar to Pokémon. My capture is at level thirty-one. He’s my highest capture.

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BOWLING with sisters

I like to play Nintendo Switch Sports with my sisters. One of the sports we do a lot is bowling. Bowling is so fun! We get the normal one and we get the one where there are obstacles in the way. My sisters at the time of writing are doing the one with obstacles. Sometimes we do bowling alone, just the three of us. It’s very fun seeing each other be really lucky with our throws. When you are playing online in the game we get more points for playing bowling. I think it’s because bowling takes the most time. My sisters and I should go bowling in person together one day.

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