Flowing through a river (chapter 1)

In a busy town somewhere in a fantasy world there was a young boy who loved croissants and salami. His name was Mackie. Now Mackie isn’t a VERY important character but he is important in a way that makes him “special”. However his two older brothers are more important. Their names are Matt and Mark. These names are pretty average but they are special in their own way. Mackie doesn’t know he has siblings but his parents know that he wants siblings. So one day they sit Mackie down and have a talk. “Hey, Mackie your mother and I have been meaning to tell you this for a while so… you wanna sit and listen?” “DEFINETLY!!!” screamed Mackie “Well you always wanted siblings right?” Mackie nodded vigorously “You have two older brothers.” “That’s great! Where are they?” “You need to find them.” “Why?” “Your brothers are wild”

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The heatwave

Recently there was a heatwave. It was as high as fourty two degrees celsius. What was my family and I doing? Well we were chilling in the basement while turning on the fan. During the time when the temperature was going down we went to my sister’s graduating ceremony. We had to line up in the sun at really hot temperatures. Luckily our time was before the hottest time of the day. It isn’t that hot now so I guess that’s the good side. My sisters and I were  doing a lot of things when it was hot, but I don’t remember what we did anymore.

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Do you ever just…

Do you ever just…

  1. Think (about anything)
  2. Do something you don’t want to do because your brain says you have to do it or your parent says you have to do it
  3. eat
  4. spend quality time with someone you love (family and friends)
  5. type a blog post

That was a list of things I just do. Now for a poem I think of on the spot.

Oh, oh eating is so savuoring                                                                                                   I don’t know how my greeting                                                                                               is like eating                                                                                                                                   I have a stick                                                                                                                                   with a kick


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My dad made a Minecraft server so I can play on it with my sister, Grace. I made a bone house with a nether portal underground and gear for Grace. I am really proud of it and I really want to play with her.

I got netherite armor and netherite tools that are enchanted. I want her to put more enchantments on HER tools and armor. I did mine already. You use books to enchant things and you put the thing you WANT to enchant in the anvil and put a book there, then it’s enchanted.

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There are so many things that I like doing. I like to read, to game, to eat, to sleep, to spend quality time with your family and a WHOLE bunch more (that I can’t think of on the spot)!

GAMIN: I don’t have anything new about gaming but that I didn’t beat “Champions Road” yet because I’m too scared. :(. Played with ma friends (SUPER MARIO MAKER 2) this morning and we ended up with killing each other. ;).

READIN: I finished Warriors. Now I’m reading the “I AM CANADA” series which I believe is owned by Grace (we have the books in the house).

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MATH TIME! There is a test in school about math that you can do for fun. I have been practicing for it for quite a bit. It’s a grade seven math test that I want to try for it. There is also a grade eight version that’s harder. I’m a grade FOUR and I’m doing the grade seven one, so I don’t think I’ll get very good.

I have been playing “Super Mario Maker 2” for a while and I have made many levels. Some are on the way to come and some are not finished. One levels is so hard that I can’t beat it so I can upload it. You have to beat the course before you want to upload the level. I’m making annoying boss levels and “normal” levels.

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Champions Road

Hello everybody that likes to read here for some reason. I will be talking about the one and only final course in super Mario 3D world, Champions Road. So How did I get there? Well I had my classmates help me in getting there because… well I suck at the game and they know how to get some green stars that I can’t get by myself because it’s to hard. I didn’t beat Champions Road yet cuz it’s WAY to hard. It has a lot of enemies and stuff. There are blinking blocks (they turn blue and red each beat. Blue are in certain areas and red are in certain areas) that switch every beat and you have to make it across. I have an amiibo to help me complete the course so wish me luck!

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Minecraft (the new thing)

Well I got Minecraft 1.16.5 (one point sixteen point five) so I can play with my sister that is in Toronto! Tried the server didn’t work so we have to wait a little bit but, hey at least we know we can play together. I explored a little bit, I love the new nether. I always saw and heard how it’s so good so I checked out the blocks, I didn’t go to the nether itself yet. I want to do that soon though. I completely forgot about the netherite things in the game. The moment I saw the netherite armor and the netherite tools I remembered. The new “bone” block looks nice, but the biome it belongs to isn’t. It belongs to the nether soul sand biome.

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People are amazing

People are amazing. I love people. They have a very weird brain and two things of the same thing that is symmetrical like arms, legs, ears, nostrils and lot’s more!

We make very fascinating things and we have problems of our own. We make cultures and buildings. We make things that make OUR life easier. For example a stove, It used to be a pile of rocks and wood making a fire to cook things but now it is used by electricity (which also makes life easier). Some things are made to entertain people, like videogames, boardgames and a bit more.

I don’t have anything else to say about people.

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(Stuff) 2

This is another post about random things that slip into my mind.

You know how I was playing Super Mario Maker 2 and I made levels. I started playing the story mode of Super Mario Maker 2 on the 24th. It’s a fun game mode in my opinion. You have to build a peach’s castle again because a dumb dog pressed a button that exploded the old castle. I just wonder how can one toad build such a big thing all by himself? You have to play levels that are jobs in this game and get coins to pay for the castle. I got to B tier online by winning games. I lose most of the games, but I do win on some of the better levels.

On the topic of video games, I might as well talk about Super Mario 3D world + Bowsers Fury. My classmate has been calling me to play 3D world with him so he can pass the hardest level of the game. I’m tempted to not play with him though. Meanwhile I did not unlock the hardest level yet so… I did beat the levels that I can, but I need to get the three green stars and stamps AND the top of the flagpole. (So many things)

Also, I love reading the Warriors cat’s series because I love cat books. I also like the battles in the books because they are so juicy. I still have one more book in the main series, and a whole bunch of other ones, like manga and side stories. The names are all very weird, like, Spiderleg, Crowfeather, Talltail, Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw, Hollyleaf ,Twigbranch, Ferncloud and lot’s more! I mentioned the clans and I think the tribe? They lived in the Mountains and the Forest and lastly the Lake. They are all the places the clans lived in. Skyclan used to live in the forest then got driven out to a gorge and came back to the clans at the lake.

Talking about books reminds me of getting ready to read the seekers series that was also written by “Erin Hunter”. It’s about bears from around the world that are wild (like Warriors are wild cat’s and Survivors, about wild dogs). I don’t know a thing about it so… It’ll be weird at first. It reminds me of when I was reading Warriors for the first time. I saw the map in the first series  and it’s kind of like the world map, instead of one small portion of the earth.

I singed up for a math contest in school and I heard it’s supposed to be hard, with math from above grade six and seven. I don’t think so but I could be underestimating it. I don’t know what might be there but I want to try my best.

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