Rocket league (AGAIN)

I love this game now. It recently (this year) made it that it’s free to play AND it’s free to play online, so I played a lot of online. I have a silver rank in competitive doubles and a bronze in hoops (basketball). I Used a square like car that’s called Merc. It’s a really strong car. After that I started using the Venom and the Dominus. The venom is skinny and the Donimus is flat. I still use the “car that makes the ball bounce high”, Octane. It’s a really good car for flying (arieling). I hope I get better at the game soon.

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ANIMAL crossing

I have plans for my island in Animal Crossing. I want to make it look nice WHILE it has a lot of space. I’m trying to get rid of the flowers so we can do it. I have decorated most of the island. I want to decorate the parts that STILL have lot’s of flowers. That includes the top left corner, the bottom left corner and the middle upper part. I don’t know what to do with it. I hope I get ideas in the future! For now I remove flowers and get money to pay my loan and ramp.

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Flowing through a river chapter 6

The kid named Mackie was then escorted to our leader by a couple of kids around our age. We walked in silence for a while. My brother, Matt broke the silence. “hey, where are you from kid?” Mackie who was paying no attention didn’t respond. My brother didn’t ask again. Odd thought Mark. My brother doesn’t give up that easily. When they arrived the room was full of people.

The kids who brought me here were ordered to stay in the room. I was still observing the room when their leader was asking me questions. “Hello! Kid, tell me your name so we can stop calling you kid.” ordered their leader. “M-m-me?” Mackie stammered ” YES YOU!” yikes thought Mackie This guy must be a handful “M-ma-my name is Ma-ackie” Mackie said frightened. “Mackie you say? Nice name.” “Th-th-tha-thanks!” ” You went through quite the pickle earlier with the Revor.” ” What’s a Rever?” ” You don’t know? It’s a carnivores animal.”

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Beginning of Grade 5 and other stuff

Grace 5 has just started. It is feeling more and more like school not play all day. My new teacher taught my sister Gloria six years back. I can’t say my opinion about liking the class or not. It seems fine so far though.

I have been making Mario maker levels with random instruments. It is really hard to make and the level that has that is done. I thing the level sucks. I’ll probably upload it today, if not today soon.

I have plans for the animal crossing island. I want to organize the lily of the valleys to make it look nice. I also want to add floor lights to it.

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Flowing through a river (Chapter 5)

Mackie woke with a start. Huh. Where am I? Where’s the skunk like thing? “Finally your awake.” said a tall man with a goatee. Mackie finally realized he was in a cottage like house. “Are you alright?” the tall man asked. “Huh, Me? I’m fine.” Mackie replied. “You sure don’t look like it.” The man chuckled. “What do you mean by that?” Mackie asked. “You’ll know sooner or later, for now tell me your name.” “My name is Mackie.” “Ah, Mackie… What a nice name you have. My name is Frak healer of the Sunbrew tribe.” “uh, than- “FRAK HAS HE WOKEN UP YET! I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO HIM” a voice interrupted. ” Yes, yes, he has woken up.” Frak responded. “GOOD! BRING HIM TO ME!”

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Flowing through a river (chapter 4)

The animal that pounced on Mackie looked like a skunk and a dog combined. “What the…” What is that animal? It looks angry and hungry. Maybe I could give it some food? That would be to big of a risk. It might get even more angry! Mackie tried to run away from the skunk like thing but failed. He instead landed in a hole that was a couple meters wide. He saw that the animal fell in too. Mackie would lose this battle no matter what. He didn’t have any weapons so he couldn’t fight the animal. All he had was a bow and no arrows. He had used all of his arrows for his meal the day before. The animal clawed at Mackie’s face and made his nose bleed like a faucet. Mackie threw his bow at the animal but the animal dodged his weak throw. The animal clawed at Mackie until Mackie was left unconscious. As the animal left Mackie, humans were sneaking up on the animal to kill it. “ATTACK” yelled their leader. The animal was caught by surprise and tried to make a run for it but died before it reached anywhere for an escape. “Bring this boy back home where he can be healed” the leader ordered.

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My video game experience

I’ve played a lot of video games in my ten years of existence. From platforming to racing to peaceful to battle to just checking in every once in a while to coordination. They are all so fun! In peaceful I played “Animal Crossing New Horizons” and other games that I can’t remember. In racing there is the Mario kart series and the Asphalt series that I played. In platforming there are lot’s of different games that have “Mario” in it. (“Super Mario Maker 2″ect.) In checking in every once in a while there is “Neko Atsume”. You just check in to unlock different cats, either popular ones or just some random ones. One of them’s name is the same as mine! Gabriel!

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Super Mario Maker 2 Levels

I play this game a lot of the time. I make a lot of levels. I play more levels then I make. I’m currently making a level that’s in “Super Mario 3d” world theme. I’m trying to make it look nice and be a hard level. I use the two different type of slopes to make a lopsided hill. I’m only a little bit done with making it. I still don’t have a name for it. I think I’ll name it something related to koopas who don’t jump of cliffs (they only jump off of them when they want there shell that is not on them). I hope I can add more goombas in the level. Wish me luck!

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Bluebear and other stuff

In Animal Crossing New Horizons we got another villager named Bluebear. We kicked out Freckles for him or her to come. He moved in a few days ago.

Now to the important parts. I am decorating the island. However, I have to remove flowers in certain parts. I have to get rid of flowers that are in front of other villagers houses. I have made the airport a warm welcoming place. I want to add a relaxation area near some flowers on the top part of the island. I’m not sure if Gloria will remove some flowers with me. I think she should because this our island.

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Flowing through a river (chapter 3)

Mackie had to leave the town because he was afraid of his parents. He traveled to the forest. He didn’t know where his brothers were. He decided to start to learn to live in the wild. While he was hunting he had a terrible thought What if Matt and Mark aren’t real? No they have to be… That night he had pig meat and natural plants to eat. He slept very well that night. He woke up and heard a rustling noise. What is that? He walked towards the sound with his wooden sword out. Then the animal sprung out of a bush and landed on Mackie.

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