My Mario Kart experience recently

The reason why I’m writing about Mario Kart again is because the fifth wave of the booster course pass for Mario Kart Eight Deluxe got released today. I’m going to play the tracks when my sisters come home using one of the new characters.

I also started playing Mario Kart Tour earlier this year I think? I know it was this year probably like January, because I saw my sister Gloria play it and it actually looked fun. I didn’t play it before because I thought it was just a boring mobile Mario game like Mario Run.

I have some really cool characters, cars and gliders. The characters include Mii suits which all look (cringes) FIRE. They just started a new tour with a new track called Piranha Plant Pipeline. I also just read the Mario Kart tour wiki and it says that the pipe tour is the 100th tour since the release of the game. I am excited to play all the new tracks released in the fifth wave now I’m going to watch TWD98 talking about it.

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