Spring Break has started for me. I have two weeks to chill and have fun. I might meet up with my friends over the break with or without those who are on vacation. I do have one assignment but I’m almost done it and I’ll give it to my friend for him to do his part. I do have to walk to his house but it’s fine because I need my “daily” exercise. Today is technically the first day of Spring Break because the last two days still counts as the weekend. So far I have planned that I would build my dad a house in Minecraft. I might do other things to add to the plan but I’ll probably add them on later.

I also played this game called Trombone Champ that my sister bought. I think it’s kind of funny because I play the Trombone for band and I’m playing a video game about it. I have only played the game twice so I’m still pretty bad at the game. I hope I can get more colour variations of my Trombone. Did you know that when you pick your character it actually says “Choose Your Tromboner!” hehe… The controls for the game are pretty simple and playing with them is pretty smooth. You just use your mouse to move up and down and use any of the letter keys (or space bar) on your keyboard to play a note. You can also get cards of things using your toots. When you have a duplicate of a card you can discard it and turn it into the other currency turd. There are 50 cards and I think I have a good amount of them considering I started playing yesterday.

On console I have played Super Mario Odyssey more often and even learned how to do big jumps with my pro gamer skills. I’m just kidding I just think it’s fun to do big jumps to places and replaying the game. It’s not necessarily speedrunning but I can beat the game in 2 hours and 16 minutes! This means I can do this in one sitting if I don’t get tired midway through. I don’t mean to flex but I can beat the bosses pretty quickly. Along with playing SMO I will play Project Sekai on my phone very often because I kind of grind the game for 2.5 anniversary gacha but I don’t think I will because I like looking at my account that has a lot of gems. I will also stay prepared for other gachas because I want to stay with at least 4000 gems but that might not be possible with all the different gachas.

For non virtual activities I have… stretching? My sisters and I will probably not play badminton because of the pollen and we all have allergies. I will try to make an effort to post more but I somehow always forget. One highlight is that my dad is flying back from America today. He was visiting my grandpa because of some health problem. I’m glad my grandpa is feeling better. I can read my library books too! I am reading this really good book called “A Brief History About Pasta” and I’m learning a lot about pasta. I have other books but I want to finish this book first.

Alright, getting hungry and got to go make dinner so, bye bye

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