Hey! It’s 2024. I don’t like that. Time really is going by too fast. 2024 is also the year that I will be graduating elementary school. It’s kind of scary. Plus when I go to high school it’ll be the same school as my sisters but a different building. Yikes. Maybe I should slow down a bit.

Last time I posted was in September, September 20th I believe. I didn’t even talk about my school year yet! This year was great so far school wise. Outside of school wasn’t that great because I went to a funeral for a man that was like another grandpa to me. When my dad told me I couldn’t even focus on my homework. Besides that it was fine. For Christmas 2023 I got a new waterbottle! WOO! It was pink and had a lid that turns into a cup along with a strainer like cap as well. Now I can drink tea (if I wanted to) in my own waterbottle. My previous waterbottle was leaking out the top so it had to stay upright which is why I was so excited for this waterbottle. I also got some keychains, a book, more nerf bullets (that hurt a lot), and some things I ca build. I gave each of my family members a paper crane that I folded using my sister’s origami paper. It was hard because I’m bad at folding things.

For this year I hope I can be more organized, have a mind that is open to more things and write more here and in my diary. Bye bye!

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