Mario kart History (2)

Today I’ll talk about the second Mario kart game in the series, Mario kart 64. It was released on the Nintendo 64 and this game is a little wonky. The tracks are a bit longer and the roster now has Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad (from the first game) and two people who replaced Donkey Kong jr and koopa troopa were Donkey Kong himself and Wario.

This game has a lot of glitches like Mario kart Wii. You can actually flip your car and go flying. The physics in this game is weird. I’d love to try playing this game if I could.

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Mario Kart History (1)

I think I should tell you about the order of the Mario kart games that I know of. The main ten are the ones I’ll talk about. The first one in the series is called¬† Super Mario Kart and I will be talking about this one today. The second is Mario kart 64 and then super circuit, then double dash, and Mario kart Ds, then Mario kart Wii that I talk about a lot, then Mario kart seven, then Mario kart eight, deluxe and tour.

Super Mario kart is the first and is pretty lame. All the tracks are short but I like to play it when I’m bored. It has Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, Donkey kong junior and Toad. you have no car selections.

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This is a game system that is from the nineteen hundreds or something. You can play most of the games on the SNES on the Nintendo switch. I play Super Mario Kart and the game where Yoshi saves baby Luigi with his Yoshi friends.

Super Mario Kart is the first Mario kart game in the series that was made in 1992. I like it because it is hard to turn and it’s just fun. The tracks are all quite short and you have to do five laps instead of three laps. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with how the tracks or short.


The Yoshi game is a fun game that has you go through levels with baby Mario on your back and you have to pass it to the next Yoshi. If you get hit or something you will have ten or more seconds to get baby Mario back.

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Ultimate chicken horse

This is a really good game that I like to play on the switch. It can be played on steam too but the switch is more comfortable and I can play it on that. It’s basically a game that you have a small course but you have to make it to the end making it harder every time you play it.

You can play by yourself or up to four people. There are a few modes in the game like, party, creative, challenge (only for made levels from yourself or online) and free play, my favourite. I made a lot of levels myself. I made trap ones and a maze. Along with a race and some simple ones. I love the game very much!

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Facts about Mario kart Wii

This is the game I grew up playing with. I want to tell you what my favourite set up is. It used to be dry bones on the tiny titan (a kart) but that was on graces account. Now it’s dry bones on the bullet bike. The bullet bike is very good, but the best set ups are funky kong on the flame runner (a bike) and Daisy on the Mach bike.

My favourite course is very short so I’m gonna tell you what my top five is. My first one is mushroom gorge where you jump on mushrooms. My second is Rainbow road where it’s rainbow. My third is Wario’s gold mine where there’s a gold mine. My fourth is koopa cape which is a cave thingy. My fith is DK summit (DK snowboard cross) witch is a ski resort.

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IT’s a brand new year! Happy New Year! It’s a little late. Well this year I won’t be looking forward to anything because of Covid. IT just ruins your life.

A few days ago my family and I had a meeting in my sisters bedroom. It went okay I guess. We have new things and what’s funny is that my other sister can’t be here so we called her to have the meeting. My dad had this idea where the rest of the family say something about you that you should do. I felt very nervous when they talked about me.

The dinner I had on New years eve was really good. We had fish and mature duck soup. Then we played Mahjong and I got second place. My mom got first and my dad was third. My sister lost badly. After we played Mahjong we ate more dinner and then we went to bed.

(P.S I slept at one a clock.)

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Christmas Day

Yesterday was Christmas. Happy late Christmas! I want to tell you how my day went yesterday.

I got up early to open presents so I had to wake everyone in the house up in order to open our gifts. I organized the presents and told everyone to sit. Then we opened our gifts in a circle and we called Grace (my sister in Toronto)

After that we had lunch and I ate noodles and banana loaf that my mom made for my dads gift. I was really full after that.

Then there was me reading a new book I got this Christmas  and playing with a new set called tires. After that we called Grace again to play video games. We played on the Nintendo Switch. On the Nintendo Switch we mostly played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but we still played a little bit of Taiko no Tackijin or something like that. Gloria (my other sister) played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with us too.

Then we had dinner and it was really big! It was some rice and lamb shank. There were also side things like egg, ham and broccoli but that isn’t the main meal. I still have some rice and meat in the fridge that I didn’t finish yesterday. After dinner we watched Running man.

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New Rule with Christmas near

Well my sister Grace gave me a new rule a few days ago about the blog and computer thing. It used to be Write seventy five words on your blog if you want to use the computer. Now it’s write a blog once a week and make it one hundred words with two paragraphs. Now I will be typing on Saturdays.

Now Christmas is in six days. Boy am I excited! I got a present that’s really bug and I want to know what it is. It’s chilling by the fireplace right now. I really wonder what I’m gonna eat on Christmas.

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New map

Well now I know that it will be available in early twenty twenty one. The map has ladders and moving platforms. It has new tasks and new clothes? I want to play it but I can’t till next month maybe. It’s called the airship map and it is a red airship. I think I will love the map a lot.

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Yesterday among us got a new map and I haven’t took a look yet. I was planning on seeing it yesterday but NO maybe today is the dad I check it out. It’s a henry stickmen game version of another map that has a plane that your on. When I looked at the information at the new map I saw that this map it the fourth and the biggest.

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