I walked over to the door with my shovel ready. I opened the door to see… a man with a gun pointed right at me.

” Wait what is going on her-”

“Shut up pathetic little girl,” the man said. ” let me in the house or I’ll fire.” I let him in the house since I didn’t want to die yet. All the man did was look at the news and go.

“Say, what’s your name?” I asked him. He didn’t respond. Then he stood up and said “Thanks.” Then he left. An hour later I heard another knock on my door.



“Damn. We are in a great place right now, eh Brock?”                                                “Yeah. We are in a great spot all in the snow buried in our house. Having blankets cover us, sometimes multiple. Yeah you’re right Grock”

I sighed as I turned off my television showing the weather forecast. I hope the snow is gonna be removed soon I need to buy groceries. My parents are in their own house a couple blocks away and they have bought groceries yesterday so they are gonna be fine. I guess I could live off of microwavable food for now.

*knock knock*

Wait what’s that?


Ordinary. What is ordinary? I mean am I ordinary? Are you, the reader ordinary? Sadly I can’t answer that, but I can…? I don’t know what I’m really doing here. I don’t really know anywhere to use it. I don’t think I could use the word ordinary to describe anyone or anything. I think I could use it as… um… er actually never use it. I don’t really think that this word has any use. I mean it’s not like I used it anywhere or actually researched about it. I find the word really… maybe… kind of confusing at times. It’s incredible.


I got my first dose of the Covid vaccine the other day. It took a while to get there but when it was time to get it, it was fast. Before we set out for my vaccine we thought of things to bring. I thought of my Sudoku book and my Hippo who has been with me for a long time. When we set out my dad asked if I was nervous and I don’t remember what my response was. We ended up in a really long car line to get my vaccine. I got it on the car. It was easier for them if I sat on the left side of the car so I did. I got a sticker in the end and now it’s on my door.


I like some animals and I also don’t like some animals. I love cats. They are really cute, but they might be really hard to deal with at times. I also really, REALLY hate dogs. I don’t know why but I hate them a lot. It might be my experiences with dogs or just because they are really loud. I’m really scared of spiders and bugs in general. Although they are smaller than me by a bit I’m still very scared. Speaking of which I haven’t seen any in a while ( I shouldn’t jinx it, should I). I might do a part 2 to this.


BOOM! An explosion happened in the City of Gabriel. “The explosion has caused many injuries but no deaths… yet,” the news reporter said. “Now to Gabriel himself on the explosion.”

“The explosion was terrible, we were just about to rebuild the whole city after the tornado that happened three years ago. Now we have to rebuild the whole city again AND cover all the holes it made,” Gabriel said. “The man who had set the bomb has not been caught but we know the man. The man has a record of doing terrible things around the world. We haven’t found the man but we know that he always goes to the same spot after each bad thing he has done. Now back to you reporter”

“The explosion has made a big impact on putting us farther back on rebuilding. Check back in tomorrow on ‘Gabriel News.'”


“Careful! You are going into the stories of Gabriel’s life, I’m warning you, later it will be very dangerous.” That’s what I like to say to frighten you. I think that in the future this will be a really terrifying place to be, though it also might not be. I love telling a family member: Careful, when they are going somewhere out of the house. Although it’s foolish I say that to make me feel better in a way. Damn, I need to find a better way to make me feel better when someone is leaving the house. I don’t like leaving the house.


Art is pretty cool. I like to look at the art other people draw. Some art is like short videos! I like the short videos too. I also watch those scary ones. Speaking of the scary ones, A guy on YouTube makes horror short films with Animal Crossing New Horizons. He uploaded one on YouTube yesterday and I haven’t watched it yet. He’s using the new camera angle to make it eve MORE scary than the ones he’s done in the past. Other than those pieces of art I like music art. Though I don’t listen to them often, I still like them.


Yesterday I had a terrible sleep. I slept a whopping five hours! I went to bed at ten-ish and fell asleep around eleven and I woke up at four in the morning. My dad went to sleep at five. I knew because I heard a door shut at that time so it must’ve been dad. I did not take a nap yesterday because I wouldn’t fall asleep. I was awake for eighteen hours! Three fourths of a day. Today I got a better sleep, it was a typical weekend sleep so I’m grateful for that. I hope I don’t get another day like that soon!

Halloween 2021

Halloween is tomorrow and I’m not excited. It’s a fun occasion but I’m not trick or treating. I also didn’t wear a costume for school so…

Anyway, the people who DID dress up had pretty cool costumes. The ones that weren’t cool were the store-bought ones. There were a lot of Mario’s from “Super Mario” .  Someone made a toilet for their costume, others made Minecraft characters. One guy in my class used a cardboard paper and put a lot of juice box covers on it to make a vending machine.

My teacher was a banana along with another guy in my class.