Grade 6 Begins

Grade six started two weeks ago and my teacher is the teacher that taught my two older sisters that are 18 (turning 19) and 22 years old. I am in a class with the grade sevens. Our class has twenty eight people and 14 of us are in grade six and 14 are in grade seven. I sit at a table with five other grade six’s. Also because I’m in grade six I can do a lot of other things around the school. I signed up for safety patrol and my 18 year old sister did it too! My first time doing it is next week on Monday.

parents away

My parents are away from home at the moment. It’s so weird not having my sister and two parents home at the same time. right now it’s just my sister and I at home. We are cooking for ourselves and doing laundry. My sister has lived away from home for four years so I have no trouble with feeling like we can’t do it. Nowadays I’m just doing things around the house to keep myself busy. With no sister and parents I am getting less hugs than I usually get. Also my eczema on my hand just got worse yesterday and now there is a lot of holes on that finger.


I am having sooo much fun… my parents went to San Francisco again because my moms mom passed. They are great company for my moms dad. My sisters and I are at home here and today we just got the new dryer. Our previous dryer broke so we had to get a new one. My sisters are going to take a nap now because they woke up really early to get the dryer installed with our neighbors help and the guy that came with it. I was still in bed when they were installing it so I didn’t get to see how they did it.


AAAAARGhhhh!! I’m frustrated. I didn’t do my workbook earlier this year. Now I have to do all of it in one month. I’m struggling with the work in the book. I’m also scared of my sisters judging my answers when I’m wrong. It’s kind of embarrassing. I hate doing it. By the way in Asphalt I starred up my Dodge Viper ACR. Now I can play more story mode to unlock more cars. I am also very close to starring up my Ferrari Laferrari. I need three more blueprints. I am also grinding a game similar to Pokémon. My capture is at level thirty-one. He’s my highest capture.


My parents left to go see my moms parents for five days. Turns out their trip back was delayed to two days after so we (my sisters and I) will be alone in the house for a week. I think it will be fun to be with my sisters for the week, even though I’ll miss my parents for most of the time. I’m so used to them being here and cooking. I get to hang out with my sisters so WOOOO! YEAH! 🙁 no parents. They will return though and then I’ll be able to play games with dad and eat my moms food.

I forget things

I forget a lot of things, form what I ate this morning to which character I’m using in a game. I don’t know why I’m very forgetful. It might be part of my personality. I don’t want to be that forgetful. It makes me feel like I’m dumb or something. I feel like I need to know what I did in order to be, like “better”. I can’t really describe it. I can also remember something I don’t want to and I can’t forget about it. It’s so weird and uncomfortable. I hate it when that happens, more than when I forget things.

BOWLING with sisters

I like to play Nintendo Switch Sports with my sisters. One of the sports we do a lot is bowling. Bowling is so fun! We get the normal one and we get the one where there are obstacles in the way. My sisters at the time of writing are doing the one with obstacles. Sometimes we do bowling alone, just the three of us. It’s very fun seeing each other be really lucky with our throws. When you are playing online in the game we get more points for playing bowling. I think it’s because bowling takes the most time. My sisters and I should go bowling in person together one day.


I like to play Nintendo Switch Sports with my sisters. I like getting all of the customization items. My sisters are ahead of me in getting all the items that are available. I have yet to get the dark set items. Besides the items I have “Pro League” in four out of six sports, Soccer, Bowling, Volleyball and Tennis. The sports I don’t have Pro League are Chambara and Badminton. Those ones are so hard to beat people in. Pro League is when they give you a rank while you play sports. I am an E rank in all the sports I have Pro League in. I NEED TO GET A RANK IN BADMITON AND CHAMBARA!


I love my sisters. They are great sisters. They care for me and we all have a strong bond. My two sisters are both older than me so I don’t have responsibility which is really nice. I get to be the youngest and be the baby of the family. My sisters don’t really criticize my work, they just laugh at it and give me advice. That’s right! Their advice is WAY better than all of my teachers advices. They make sure I can understand it and show an example. Sometimes my sisters are kind of scary because they laugh at the same time and it’s loud. It’s also about something I don’t know about.





ya hear that?


I want to make another single player Minecraft world. I want to do that so I can finally get diamonds in a single player survival world. It would be my first time getting them. I think it will be difficult since I play Minecraft without killing mobs that can kill me so that is a problem. I think I should build a house close to a village and make a mine not too faraway so I can get iron so I can get the very rare diamonds. I hope that it will be possible for me to obtain the diamonds one day.