Geting Gloria home from pepan

Yesterday I got Gloria home from pepan. I made something for her it was a ring!!!!!!!

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Having an acawwte on club pangwin

On Saturday  I startid to have an acawt on ciub pangin. It is so so so SO SO SO FUN. So far I have one puffll it is white!!!!!!!

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Lerning how to shuvll the snow away

Yesterday I lernd how to shuvll the snow away. It was super super duper FUNNNNNNNNNNN and Grace, Gloria cook nodlls to eat!!!!!!

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Me as sick

After school on Friday I startid being sick and I mite not go to school Tomoroll.I am sad very very VERY SAD!!!!!!!

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Playing my sims and going to cherch

Yesterday me, Grace, Gloria playd my sims. Yesterday we went to cherch too. That game was super doper fun you get to bild stuff you get to paint stuff!!!!!!!!

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Going to the liberey

Yesterday I went to the liberey to borow some boks. I got 20 boks my dad got 1. I haveint go there for a lon time!!!!!!!!

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Finishing lego marvl super heros two

Today I am finishing a game it is colde lego marvl super heros two. Today it is the weekend wel I ned to take a brake wen it is the weekend. I am so iksidid that I am going to finish the game oyaeh!!!!!!!

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Today is Christmas the best day ever. Becus evry person gets presints. I got fijitsbiners and cars that you can chaj tiyers!!!!!!!!!!

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Cheking my eyes

Yesterday I went to chek my eyes. I chrid some thing new it ses 1 or 2 wich one is beter. If it sed 3 or 4 3 is beter or 4 is beter or both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Puty up a Chrismas tree

Yesterday my Family and me putit up awer Chrismas tree. We yousd Gold and Red and Gold is my fafrit coler. I asoe potid somthing in Grace sis sdoking!!!!!!!!!!

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