A good song to dance to

Here are some good songs to dance to. First up listen to your mom next is listen to your dad and there both by Jay Chow. I love those songs.  They are also Chinese!!!!!!!!!

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Cool Lego Creations With Classic

Today I will teach you how you can build with classic Lego. I built a two-storey  Lego house.  So first you need to get a big green flat piece then you make three layers of the wall. Next put a window on the wall. After build some stairs then you put a medium green flat piece on a eight bump piece together. Then put it on the stairs. Next build a ladder and put it in the house. After put a long piece under close to the middle. Then you put another window there. Last but not least make more walls!!!!!!!!!See you next time

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My eyes check up

Today I went to go and check my eyes. It is fun to me. I can not go on screens to long. My eyes are okay. I can not go on small screens either!!!!!!!!!!

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New Year Resolutions

Happy new year to all. Hey guess what today is new years day. I fell asleep today and got up today. It is funny because I did those things on the same day. Any way as I was saying my goal for this year is to learn more. I like learning a lot because I get to tell people the answers when they need help. My second goal is too eat more vegetables!!!!!!!!!

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We Bare Bears

I love to watch we bare bears. There are three bears. It is also kind of Chinese!!!!!!!!!!

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Merry Christmas

TODAY IS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! I love Christmas it is the best. By the way grace is home. I love her a whole bunch. For Christmas I got tans of Lego’s. One Lego set was mini finger case. You put people in there!!!!!!!!!!!

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Christmas eve and Grace is coming home

Today is Christmas eve. I can not wait in’till Christmas because of PRESENTS and because Grace is COMING HOME!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!

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Yesterday I went to the library. I got twenty one books. Some are big some are small. I love reading!!!!!!!!!

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I am doing a maze with my friends. There names are Billy and Luan. They are my new friends!!!!!!!!

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moms b’day part one

TODAY PRESENTS MOMS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I have been calling mom baby,baby,baby. We laughed that I called her baby!!!!!!!!!

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