New year shows

Yesterday and the day before yesterday me and my family were watching new year shows. It was not fun at all. By the way it was Chinese!!!!!!!!!!!

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rain rain go away

Today is raining super hard. I mean like now it is raining a lot. Yesterday was great. There is a branch that is slanted!!!!!!!!

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I am crying so HARD. You know why because I have nothing to write about. I am mad and sad!!!!!!!!!!!

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There are four zones. The colors are red,blue,yellow, and green. When you are in the red zone you are mad. When you are in the blue zone you are sick,sad or lonely. When your are in the yellow zone you are silly. If your in the green zone you are happy!!!!!!

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I am so bored because I have nothing to right about. Yep it is boring listening to this and it is the same thing as last time. I am tired of thinking of stuff to right about!!!!!!!!

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Nothing to right about

I have nothing to for my blog right now.NOTHING!!! Not a single thing. I am bored of righting about stuff that is not fun for me. By the way this is NOT A STORY!!!!!!! I wish I had something to right about!!!!!!

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Today it was poring. I hate rain. Do you like rain? The title is crying because the clouds are crying. It is still poring out there. I wish school was canceled. So I did not get to be in the rain!!!!!!!!

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The next group of animals are birds. You know a few things about birds right? This is what you know about birds already. You know that they lay eggs and they live in nests. They eat worms. You know that right!!!!!!!!!!!

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The other group of animals are Insects. I do not like them. They do not have backbones. Here are some insects bees,lady bugs and beetles!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reptiles and why I did not go to school today

Reptiles are another group of animals. Most of them have scales. These are some examples snakes,crocodiles,lizards and the Combo dragon. Today I was not at school. I did not feel well. I still need to rest. I am sad that I did not go to school. I am sad because I love school!!!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!

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