Fang blades chapter 3 story

Sensei Wu told Lloyd, Cole and Zane that Pythor is going to get all the fang blades. Then Zane said we most stop Pythor. Yes said sensei Wu!!!!!!!!!!

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Fang Blades chapter 2 story

Kai the fire ninja and Jay the lighting ninja are training. Cole and Zane and Lloyd are inside talking to Sensei Wu!!!!!!!

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Fang blades chapter 1 talk

Ninjago city was really peace full intill Pyuthor came. Pyuthor wanted all the fang blades. Because he wanted to destroy Ninjago city. There are four fang blades!!!!!!!

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The Fancy tomato part 2

Tomato wears dirty cloths when he is eating. Potato has to cook and he hates to cook for tomato. one day tomato went to the fancy place water melon said no one likes you any more. Tomato ask why water melon said becues your an old pal.  Tomato sob and sob. Potato said you know there is an old fancy place for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Fancy tomato part 1

Once upon a time there lived a fancy tomato who loved being fancy. Potato Hated that and tomato’s twin loved it. Tomato was happy to be fancy. Tomato put make up on and she was happy. Potato Had to watch and every day he had to go with tomato. Potato is mad!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fred fights back part 1

Remeber I made a book at school that said dragon attack it cuintinuds. Potato dragon survived so he is not dead!!!!!!!!!!

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Cook potato part 4

The tomato was dead so potato is free. Potato is home!!!!!!!! The end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cook Potato part 3

The potato was cidnap’t by tomato but potato was sad to leave never seening any body exsep’t tomato. Don’t do this in reall life okay guys. Potato was in a tomato that was round really round so round. Tomato was so happy really happy at potato!!!!!!!!

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Cook potato part 2

But he said NO every day. They where so sad about that. The tomato was happy becuse he can spend time with him!!!!!!!!!!

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Cook Potato

Once upon a time there lived a potato who knows how to cook. But he rotired! Every body whated him to cook!!!!!!!!!!!!

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