A Ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa part 2

The ninjaaaaaaaa said wy did you do that the master said that he was mad but you are the stron gest ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that we have. The next day the ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa was at the pond!!!!!!!!!

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A ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Part 1

A ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa was in the forrist it is qwiyit  ningaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa was brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrave but he got scard. His master was mad and the ninjaaaaaaaaaaa was scard very scard. Then his master stopt!!!!!!!

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A Porring day

Today in the morning it was porring. So how pepol cleend it away they are geting the garbig away. They are dooing it rite now!!!!!!!

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Going to the liberey

Yesterday I went to the liberey to borow some boks. I got 20 boks my dad got 1. I haveint go there for a lon time!!!!!!!!

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A tiger part 2

On the day that the litlle tiger tokt to his mom. Then his mom said o I never new that. Then wate can you do!!!!!!

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Raning and snowing

Today it was raning and snowing I hate wen it  rains and snows. Wen it was home time it snowd. I hade to wer boots!!!!!!!

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At music again

I had music today. We sain I hear the mel wel tika tika taka twise and then we say tik tik tik tiky taka.

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A tiger Part 1

Ocue opon a time there was a poor tiger hoow had no friends. The tiger was so so so so so so SO SAD he startid to crie his mom said be kind to them but the tiger said even wen I am kind they dot play with me!!!!!!!

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How to migrate

Some anmols migrate in the winter. Thats some birds fly south to migrate. Samins migrate too rumember last time I how to hibernate those rer lernd from school!!!!!!

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Finishing lego marvl super heros two

Today I am finishing a game it is colde lego marvl super heros two. Today it is the weekend wel I ned to take a brake wen it is the weekend. I am so iksidid that I am going to finish the game oyaeh!!!!!!!

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