Super Hero 2

Yesterday Dad bot me a game. It was cold Super Hero 2. I love it and I got it becuse I was Lisining at the dentist!!!!!!!

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Yesterday my family playd MONOPOLY. MONOPOLY is so fun my person to wok awawd it was a dinasor. Ges wat I won Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A nuther day at Mechertown

Yesterday my family went to Mechertown. Me Grace and Gloria had Bubl tea. I got Sgrobery flaver!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Opining my cars

Yesterday I opind my cars from Christmas. Ther were three cars. You can chaj stof on it!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Gardin

Today I am gona rerk super good on the gardin said Gab. He workt and workt intel Gab was tird so he went to sleep but the work was not don. The next day his Mom went to Gabs room and his Mom got mad at Gab. After a wile Gab was sad becuse he did it ron. Now Gab is sad evry day intil the next yer The end!!!!!

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Today is Christmas the best day ever. Becus evry person gets presints. I got fijitsbiners and cars that you can chaj tiyers!!!!!!!!!!

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Playing Maryol kart

Yesterday I playd Maryol kart with my dad. The karikter I meen my karikter was Maryol and dads was daddy. Coin fiting fiting for coins!!!!!!!!

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Lego set

Yesterday I bilt a Lego set becus I got evry thing perfect on my rport card. I bilt it by my self. It had one bad gi and one good gi!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pyjama day

Today it was Pyjama day. We had a moovy to wanch. It was also pancake day!!!!!!!!!!

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daly lunch

Yesterday my class had daly lunch. we had a bun and slame. We oso had aplle joos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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