Flowing through a river (chapter 1)

In a busy town somewhere in a fantasy world there was a young boy who loved croissants and salami. His name was Mackie. Now Mackie isn’t a VERY important character but he is important in a way that makes him “special”. However his two older brothers are more important. Their names are Matt and Mark. These names are pretty average but they are special in their own way. Mackie doesn’t know he has siblings but his parents know that he wants siblings. So one day they sit Mackie down and have a talk. “Hey, Mackie your mother and I have been meaning to tell you this for a while so… you wanna sit and listen?” “DEFINETLY!!!” screamed Mackie “Well you always wanted siblings right?” Mackie nodded vigorously “You have two older brothers.” “That’s great! Where are they?” “You need to find them.” “Why?” “Your brothers are wild”

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