Hip hop

Today we had a peformens. It was hip hop. We did three songs. The songs are I  want candy and chicken noodle soup and peanut butter jelly time. We had the most songs!!!!!!!!!!

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I love to play with Kai

Kai is speishel to me. Beacuase he has sorwds. He has a mask and two faces. He is fun to play with. You can slide his sorwds into a thing that goes on his neck!!!!!!!

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Today I went to the book fair to buy a Lego Ninjago carcter. His name is Kai. He has golden sords!!!!!!!

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Hip Hop part 1

The whole school is doing hip hop this week and next week. We will be doing three songs. The songs are peanut butter jelly time and I want candy and chicken noodle soup!!!!!!

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First day without mom

Mom went to USA today. She is not there yet but she is almost there. She is going to surprise her parents!!!!!!!!!

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Chase’is Birthday party

Yesterday I went to Chase’is birthday party. We played dodge ball at eight ring”ks. I got Chase. My team lost Chase’is team won!!!!!!!

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1st day of sick

I am sick right now you know.  Grace miss me and she is sad. I am sad that I am sick!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fang blades chapter 3 story

Sensei Wu told Lloyd, Cole and Zane that Pythor is going to get all the fang blades. Then Zane said we most stop Pythor. Yes said sensei Wu!!!!!!!!!!

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Fang Blades chapter 2 story

Kai the fire ninja and Jay the lighting ninja are training. Cole and Zane and Lloyd are inside talking to Sensei Wu!!!!!!!

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Fang blades chapter 1 talk

Ninjago city was really peace full intill Pyuthor came. Pyuthor wanted all the fang blades. Because he wanted to destroy Ninjago city. There are four fang blades!!!!!!!

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