The birthday party

Today I went to a birthday party. It was at lougheed garden works. We made s small garden and we put a plant in it. I had fun. I watered it. There was a dinosaur in it. There was pizza and more food. We got to decorate it. There was dirt!!!!!!!!!

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The Fancy tomato part 2

Tomato wears dirty cloths when he is eating. Potato has to cook and he hates to cook for tomato. one day tomato went to the fancy place water melon said no one likes you any more. Tomato ask why water melon said becues your an old pal.  Tomato sob and sob. Potato said you know there is an old fancy place for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Fancy tomato part 1

Once upon a time there lived a fancy tomato who loved being fancy. Potato Hated that and tomato’s twin loved it. Tomato was happy to be fancy. Tomato put make up on and she was happy. Potato Had to watch and every day he had to go with tomato. Potato is mad!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Fun Things For Summer Break

Earlier me and dad made a plan for summer break. We are doing our plan in the morning. Some are fun some are not. I am happy. There are 11 ideas. I am exited. Well dad is doing it too. It is for the morning. I am happy to try it. !!!!!!!!!!!!

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