My Tooth Is almost Falling Off

My tooth is almost falling off. My mom nodist today at Costco that my tooth is almost falling off. I am really exited to get money. Mabey a doaler. Mabey a cent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Today at school i had play time. I play’ed with trains It was a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fred fights back part 1

Remeber I made a book at school that said dragon attack it cuintinuds. Potato dragon survived so he is not dead!!!!!!!!!!

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Cook potato part 4

The tomato was dead so potato is free. Potato is home!!!!!!!! The end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cook Potato part 3

The potato was cidnap’t by tomato but potato was sad to leave never seening any body exsep’t tomato. Don’t do this in reall life okay guys. Potato was in a tomato that was round really round so round. Tomato was so happy really happy at potato!!!!!!!!

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Cook potato part 2

But he said NO every day. They where so sad about that. The tomato was happy becuse he can spend time with him!!!!!!!!!!

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Cook Potato

Once upon a time there lived a potato who knows how to cook. But he rotired! Every body whated him to cook!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hot Potato Part 4

They ran home and celbrated to be not ugly. The end!!!!!!!! See you intuil the next book!!!!!!!!!!

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Hot Potato Part 3

Yeah said Hot tomato But hot potato said I am on the floor. Why said hot tomato. Beacuse I am out said Hot potato and hot tomato!!!!!!!

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Hot Potato Part 2

But the ugly little potato ignored them. The only vegetable that was nice to the hot potato was hot tomato. Vegetables also said to the tomato that he was ugly so they were lonley. Nobody would care about them so they are more SSSSSSAAAAADDD!!!!!! So they cryed so HARD!!!!!! The next day they pushed hot potato and hot tomato off a plane that was so amazzzzzzzzzzing. They were so scard. The salad said they are a scardy cat. They lanedid in there tree house but they were stuck at the top of the tree house. They yelld HELP!! HELP!! HELP!! They said sadley the vegetables ARE SUPER RUDE!!!!!! said hot potato!!!!!!!!!! To be continued  in part 3!!!

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