Realy Hot

It was super hot today. So this is where its hot. So this photo looks hot right!!!!!!!


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Captain Space Adventure part 2

So he built a smaller space ship. Finally can go to space!!!!!!!!!!! To be continued in part 3!!!

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Captain Space Adventure Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a man named Gabriel who  lived in the forest.

Then he said, “I want to go to the moon it would be nice up there.”

So, he built a  ginormous space ship. He kept building and building.

But then it broke, and he couldn’t go to space. To be continued!!!!!!


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Arctic explore part 2

The red car fell in the water. The polar bear is hungry.

They are scarde so they go fast!!!!!!!!

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Geting Gloria home from pepan

Yesterday I got Gloria home from pepan. I made something for her it was a ring!!!!!!!

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Playing club Pangwin

Yesterday I play’d club Pangwin. I only need one more puffle it is gona be brown.


I love it!!!!!!!!

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Arctic ecsblor part 1

Today the cars are racing on the arctic.

3,2,1 GO!!!

they are fast. They were to fast that the poler bear came!!!!!!

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Rolling Potato Part 9

They walk or slither up the hill. Then they were so tired that they fell. But the Vegetable Squad saved Potato. They rolled back home to their beds. They were so tired that they dreamed of walking up the hill. Then next day, they were in a hole. But it was just a dream!

The End!!!!!

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Roling potato part 8

The team stop the sqadd. That was so so SO SO AMAZING!!!

They are tire’d of roling!!!!!!!!!

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Roling potato part 7

Tomato hit water melen in the butt. Aow said water melen.  Some people in the team start roling!!!!!!!!

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