The last day of November

Today is the last day of November. I also have school and Tomorrow is December. It is omost chrismas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On Black Friday

On Black Friday my Family went to Metro town. There were lots and lots and lots of people. We went to eat there I ate french fries and popcorn chicken. I felt busy!!!!!!!!

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Eting dad’s cookies

I am eting dad’s cookies in the morning at the same time as doing my blog!!!!!!!!! After, I watch Youtube videos. They were fighting and there was fake blood, it was Sonic versus the Hulk.

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At my farst Dentist

Yesterday I went to the dentist. Wen they did some stuff it ticls. Wen they pote thee aer in my mawth I have to pite it!!!!!!!!!!

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Brushing my teeth

In the morning I brush my teeth.With toos paste. After I brush my teeth I come down!!!!!!!

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With big budys

Today at school we had Big budys. They help us to do stuf. We did stuf on the ipad!!!!!!!!

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Eating a Croissants

Today I ate a croissants at lunch.  Mom gave me an egg and two pieces of meat. Its yummy!!!!!!!

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At the library

Today At school we went to the library. I got the moovy of star wars book!!!!!!

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At Gym

At school my class went to gym. With a nather class. We playd banana tage.

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Eting coscoe stuf

Yesterday my fiamly and me ate cocsco stuf  we ate peezza and french frise!!!!!

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