I am Bored.  becas no badye is playen with me thas wy no budy playin with me!!!!!

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Gloria’s Birthday

Yesterday it was Gloria’s Birthday. I gave her a small card. The cake has chocolate on the cake. I love the cake. Gloria is 14. For dinner we had fried noodles.

Dad and I, we played Lego Pirate game together. I watched other people play the game so that we can get ten pieces to get the small boat, and we got all ten pieces on that one. We got 2 parts of the mission of the story.

I had lots of fun yesterday!

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We had Thanksgiving at our neighbour’s house and I drank root beer. We had 11 people eating together. I played with Racine and Norah. We played feeding animals and Norah was the animal. Then we played lions. They gave us candy corn my sisters had two and I had two I love it!!!!

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