yesterday’s trip to Metro town

Yesterday my family and I went to Metro town mainly to buy clothes for Gloria my sister. At first my dad and I were not with my mom and Gloria because we went to other stores to look at stuff. My mom and Gloria went to H&M first. After that they went to Winners. When my dad and I went to EB games we saw a lot of PS4 games, Xbox 1 games and Nintendo switch games. I told dad which games I was interested in.

2 thoughts on “yesterday’s trip to Metro town”

  1. Metrotown is one word, Gabey. Also, maybe next time you should write about the games you saw. I’d like to know (also I asked you MANY TIMES to look at the games on sale and you were like oh Nothing Interesting even though clearly there are many and there are fun.) as well, but again… 80 dollar games aren’t really worth it since you only play one of them. 😛

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