Yesterday Grace’s friend Fiona came over to our houde to play video games with our switch’s. It was so fun!!! We played heave ho again and did the circus map with Fiona and something happened that I don’t want to talk about. After that we played super Mario party on her switch and I won with 5/fiveĀ  stars and 57/fifty-seven coins. Grace got second with 5’five stars and 5/five coins. I don’t remember the place that Gloria got and Fiona’s place. I used Rosalina, Grace used Peach, Gloria used daisy (the three princesses) and Fiona was Yoshi. Then we played Mario Kart 8/eight deluxe. it was fun because I got first on all four tracks so I got perfect. The last thing we played was super smash bro’s and I died in the game a lot.

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