Playing CPR with grace along with calls

I played that game again. I played it with just Grace though. Gloria did not join us. I actually wanted to play the game so I started playing. Then I went to check my messages on my messaging app and saw that she said she will play too while she eats her dinner. We did not call this time we just went to chat on the messaging app. I went to one place and one person was alone and he wanted to be my friend in the game. Then I told Grace to come and she did. He also wanted to be her friend. He gave us requests fight after we entered the room. It was a lot of fun. After that I was messaging her saying I don’t know what to do with all the space. So I called her and she saw what I have. She gave me a whole bunch of ideas. but I ended up using the space with my own idea. It was to make a fake kitchen! I made it with her and I played it with her. Later Gloria (my other sister) came and we played with the kitchen. I was the chef and she was the customer. I think the game is pretty cute.

2 thoughts on “Playing CPR with grace along with calls”

  1. I also think your little kitchen is super cute, but you’re cuter~ 😛 ok anyway it would be cool if they released the other card-jitsu modes for us to complete. I never played the water one as a kid so I missed out.

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