Man do I hate the youtubers who bully the youtuber I like the most. I just think that it’s sort of wrong. You know how friends do stuff together all the time and have fun but that youtuber and his youtuber friends are bullying him. I just think that’s downright rude! I mean maybe they do it for the content but I don’t think so.

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  1. I looked it up and I’m pretty sure it’s fake bullying, they’re doing it for the views. I think it’s not great since their friend-group’s channels are all “child-friendly”, and by making videos of fake-drama and fake-bullying, they are showing the children watching that it’s okay to be mean to your friends.

    Fortunately, you seem to be doing critical thinking and can recognize that it’s not nice, but at least know that since it’s Youtube, most of the time it’s scripted and fake, just to produce content that is entertaining. It’s easier to make videos when there is a topic, even if the topic is destruction.

      1. The content IS the fun. They think up of ideas and go up to their friend like “hey dude you know what’s a good video idea? I’ll pretend to prank you in Minecraft. It’ll be great. Kids will love it.” and the other guy is like “lol ok sure do it I’ll pretend to be shocked” and then people watch it and go like “this is epic” and everyone has fun except maybe you because you’re like “Well I don’t know if this is a nice thing to do but I watched it anyway.”

        Fun is the audience’s reaction, and has nothing to do with the Youtubers who make the videos. They create content, you get to choose how to respond to it.
        For example, your mom makes you food, but she doesn’t decide whether you like it or not, YOU decide whether you enjoy the meal or not.

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