I like eating garlic bread. I order garlic bread when I go to Ikea, but the absolute best type of garlic bread is… my mom’s homemade garlic bread! I am really excited because my family and I are gonna eat that for lunch today, but that does mean that everyone has to get up in order to eat it together. We can only eat it together on the weekends or on the days I don’t go to school.

2 thoughts on “GARLIC BREAD”

  1. Your last few posts about food could’ve been all combined into one post with 3 paragraphs: like 1. things you know about food, 2. food you like, 3. more food you like, and so on. Or, you could make a category about food, because in the past you have written about noodles, instant noodles, beef noodles, and I believe sushi. Putting them altogether would be great if you want to read about your favourite foods throughout your life.

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