Flowing through a river chapter 6

The kid named Mackie was then escorted to our leader by a couple of kids around our age. We walked in silence for a while. My brother, Matt broke the silence. “hey, where are you from kid?” Mackie who was paying no attention didn’t respond. My brother didn’t ask again. Odd thought Mark. My brother doesn’t give up that easily. When they arrived the room was full of people.

The kids who brought me here were ordered to stay in the room. I was still observing the room when their leader was asking me questions. “Hello! Kid, tell me your name so we can stop calling you kid.” ordered their leader. “M-m-me?” Mackie stammered ” YES YOU!” yikes thought Mackie This guy must be a handful “M-ma-my name is Ma-ackie” Mackie said frightened. “Mackie you say? Nice name.” “Th-th-tha-thanks!” ” You went through quite the pickle earlier with the Revor.” ” What’s a Rever?” ” You don’t know? It’s a carnivores animal.”

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  1. Hi! I was a bit confused as to whose point-of-view we were looking from. Are we in the first person view of Mackie? Are we Mackie? Or are we watching Mackie? Maybe you can make it more clear in the next instalment. Nice job with the conversation though!

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