Flowing through a river (Chapter 5)

Mackie woke with a start. Huh. Where am I? Where’s the skunk like thing? “Finally your awake.” said a tall man with a goatee. Mackie finally realized he was in a cottage like house. “Are you alright?” the tall man asked. “Huh, Me? I’m fine.” Mackie replied. “You sure don’t look like it.” The man chuckled. “What do you mean by that?” Mackie asked. “You’ll know sooner or later, for now tell me your name.” “My name is Mackie.” “Ah, Mackie… What a nice name you have. My name is Frak healer of the Sunbrew tribe.” “uh, than- “FRAK HAS HE WOKEN UP YET! I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO HIM” a voice interrupted. ” Yes, yes, he has woken up.” Frak responded. “GOOD! BRING HIM TO ME!”

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