Flowing through a river (chapter 2)

Mackie was in shock hearing this news, How do I have older brothers? He then had to pack for his travels. Finally the day arrived. The day to go wild. No, Seriously. Mackie was leaving his home. Why aren’t they acting sad? Do they hate me? Mackie thought sadly. “Well, Goodbye then.” Mackie said sadly. Mackie watched as his parents shut the door and went in and he heard them saying “He’s so stupid” and he was heartbroken. Mackie watched his parents take his stuff and sell them to other kids in the neighbourhood. Mackie will never the same man again.

2 thoughts on “Flowing through a river (chapter 2)”

  1. Nice start! However, I’m a bit confused as to why his parents called Macky “stupid” when they were the ones to tell him to find his brother. Is there a reason why? Keep going!

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