AAAAARGhhhh!! I’m frustrated. I didn’t do my workbook earlier this year. Now I have to do all of it in one month. I’m struggling with the work in the book. I’m also scared of my sisters judging my answers when I’m wrong. It’s kind of embarrassing. I hate doing it. By the way in Asphalt I starred up my Dodge Viper ACR. Now I can play more story mode to unlock more cars. I am also very close to starring up my Ferrari Laferrari. I need three more blueprints. I am also grinding a game similar to Pokémon. My capture is at level thirty-one. He’s my highest capture.


My parents left to go see my moms parents for five days. Turns out their trip back was delayed to two days after so we (my sisters and I) will be alone in the house for a week. I think it will be fun to be with my sisters for the week, even though I’ll miss my parents for most of the time. I’m so used to them being here and cooking. I get to hang out with my sisters so WOOOO! YEAH! 🙁 no parents. They will return though and then I’ll be able to play games with dad and eat my moms food.