I forget things

I forget a lot of things, form what I ate this morning to which character I’m using in a game. I don’t know why I’m very forgetful. It might be part of my personality. I don’t want to be that forgetful. It makes me feel like I’m dumb or something. I feel like I need to know what I did in order to be, like “better”. I can’t really describe it. I can also remember something I don’t want to and I can’t forget about it. It’s so weird and uncomfortable. I hate it when that happens, more than when I forget things.

BOWLING with sisters

I like to play Nintendo Switch Sports with my sisters. One of the sports we do a lot is bowling. Bowling is so fun! We get the normal one and we get the one where there are obstacles in the way. My sisters at the time of writing are doing the one with obstacles. Sometimes we do bowling alone, just the three of us. It’s very fun seeing each other be really lucky with our throws. When you are playing online in the game we get more points for playing bowling. I think it’s because bowling takes the most time. My sisters and I should go bowling in person together one day.