Do you like eating cookies? I do and I don’t. I like the ones that have chocolates and the ones that are soft. If they have chocolates and are hard (like Dads cookies) I will eat them. I don’t like the ones that have nuts in them though. When I finish this blog I will eat a daddies cookie pack.


I like to read. I like to read adventure books and romance books. Books with animals and books about live. I like all those types of books that I mentioned. I learned how to read a few words when I was four. I was the best reader in kindergarten all the way to grade three. Not grade four because I’m not sure if I am or not.


I like this plant. Wait IS it a plant? I am not sure of it is or not but I will just call it a plant for now. It was made into a drink called aloe and I very much like it and we have a bottle at home that has not been opened. I like it because of the taste and the little particles that is in it.


It’s a game that a youtuber made and it’s based off of squares from Minecraft and you run from other running games. It’s called CHASECRAFT because you run and chase bosses. The CRAFT part is because Minecraft is called MineCRAFT.  You make a base and you save the really dumb youtuber that gets caught by bosses.


Every year at school we get classmates. Some are your friends, some are your enemies and some people are new. When they are new you be nice to them because they are usually shy and are sad with absolutely NO friends to play with. I like some of my classmates and I don’t like some of my classmates. I don’t like my classmates when they are doing something they are not supposed to do and the teacher is waiting for the response of what they were doing.

Minecraft WORRRRLD

Hello I finished the horse pen and now I’m working on the vet or the pet shop. I will do that because my goal is to make a city! I will make it in creative mode and live in it in creative mode AND survival mode. It will be fun! The pen looks great and I have two floors, one floor has three rooms with horses and the other floor is the same but has a different way to get there.

Minecraft WORRRRLD

I started a new Minecraft world and it is a survival world with cheats on. Which means I can change into creative mode whenever I want. I have found a village yesterday and built a house. Then I decorated and got all the stuff I needed for now. Then I changed into survival mode and I took all the wood from the villager houses. I will build a pen for my horses tonight so I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

Kimchi bowl noodle soup

It’s a fabulous taste of noodles. Spicyyyyyyy. I love it. It tastes good and it’s easy to make. Either you boil water then pour it onto the noodles that already have the pack of orange powder or you put cold water on the noodles with orange powder and microwave and then you let it sit and your done. I like to do both ways because it’s not like other instant noodles that you have to boil water and put noodles in and flavour with flakes. (sometimes you put in flakes.)


I like drifting in Mario kart. ALL games that can let you drift. I like to drift is Mario kart Wii because there is inside drift and outside drift. I don’t like Mario kart eight deluxe because it’s always outside drift. At first when I first heard of those two I did not know which was which. I thought they were like the same thing. But NO, they are not the same.