I’m all alone in the house with my mom right now. Most of the time it’s like this because my sister Gloria has work and my dad is doing some things I don’y know about or just going to RCIA also known as prep for grown ups. I actually like it because I can spend more time with my mom.

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PRO D day

Today is my and my sisters Pro d day. A pro d day is a day that children don’t go to school but teachers do. It’s always either on a Monday or Friday and today is Friday. It’s actually raining outside so my plan didn’t work. My plan was to play badminton.

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Yesterday was the first day of lent. Lent lasts forty days long and is a whole chunk of life to do three things, fasting, prayer and arms of giving I think. Lent starts on ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is a day that you get crosses on your forehead made of ash.

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Super hero. I had to make a super hero at school today. They gave us a piece of paper to do a head and a cape if you want. They already had a piece of paper for the body so we used that as the body. I did it based off of minecraft youtubers.

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I have a minecraft server that I own. I’m also the admin of the server. My dad and I were the first people invited to the server. Today I invited two of my friends. It has a maximum of five people. I built a castle kinda thing and a dolphin cage.

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Minecraft 1.15.1

I got a newer version of minecraft yesterday. It is version 1.15.1. I LOVE IT!, but sadly it’s not the newest version of minecraft. In the game there are animals added like the turtles, bees, foxes, dolphins and my favorite, pandas. You can tame any of them if you have the right tool.  Pandas get tamed by bamboo and foxes are berries and bees are red roses.

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I got a new workbook a few days ago. I got the grade five one because there were no more grade four ones of the one I wanted[ Canadian Curriculum]. I did a little bit of it today. I did number one of math and number one of social studies.

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Math Games

I love math games. I like to play math games with cards and dice. For example, I like to play the game that you have to get twenty four with four cards and using adding,subtraction,division and multiplication. I love to play with dice doing adding and multiplication. Hope you like math.

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I don’t like math and I do like math. I like multiplication, adding, subtraction, geometry and measurement. I did subtraction at school today I got to page three and only needed nine more questions to get to the last page [ fourth page]. I don’t like  it because the square root part is too hard.

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Reading Day!

Today was reading day at school. I read books I got from my school library. Two Thirty nine clues books. I brought two stuffies as well, I brought Garfield stuffy and a Captain America stuffy. We also played Reado, which is based off of Bingo and I won. I took an eraser for my prize.

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