Best day of being the helper

Today was the best day of being the helper of the day. I got to do a sample of a job we are doing today. We are gonna do it next week. It was to make a robot and you make one, then write about it, then you print it out.

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It is basketball season. The season I hate, winter. I’m not a big, big fan of basketball, but I am a fan. It also means that in gym we have to learn and play basketball for fun. We learn types of passes and we learn games with basketballs. I don’t like to play basketball.

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I hate homework that is sent home from school. I like the easy adding math that my teacher’s encouraging us to do because it is a good way to review it. The math is so easy that I can do it in at least ten seconds. I am working on times [multiplication] now.

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I love couches. I like them because they are smooth and soft. I also like it because after you sit on one spot on the couch for a very long time it will be warm. My teacher [Mrs. Ricker] got a couch to put in our class room. It is black and pretty small.

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OH NO! The virus from china is in Canada. It is in the city of Toronto. I’m very worried for my sister because she lives in Toronto right now. It already killed a lot of people. I don’t want to get it. I lope people feel better and better fast.

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I hate sand. I don’t like the feeling of it when you walk on it. I also hate to build with it because it’s very loose. I like it because it looks really cool! I want to have it from the youtuber I watch. He has it from his Unspeakable toys shop.

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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s The year of the rat this year. My first year in the rats. I hope this year is better than all the others I had. I want good luck and a good life. I hope you have good luck and a good life too. Bye.

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Over and Under

Your probably wondering what is over and under, and what the item in between is. Its over and under the snow. It was an art project I started and finished today. I had to have a t least five things over the snow and three things under the snow. I showed her on my first attempt and it was fine.

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OK I’M SO HAPPY! You know why? It’s because I saw two owls today. I saw a barn owl and a different owl that I don’t remember the name for. I learned a lot of things. Here’s what I learned, they can spin their head two-hundred-fifty degrees around. I loved it.

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Today my class played fraction bingo. Here’s how it works, the teacher calls out a fraction from a card and you have to look t your big card and see if you have the fraction. My friend Adam and my friend Jamie got one bingo and I got two bingo’s. I noticed Adam’s bingo.

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