TODAY IS HALLOWEEN!!!! My costume is actually THE SILVER MIRROR NINJA!!!!! I am sorry that I said the name wrong. I am wearing my costume right now. It has mirrors. I love my costume A LOT!!!!!! I will tell you about trick-or-treat later. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL!!!!!!!!

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About Halloween again

Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!!! That’s why so many kids are exited  including me. For Halloween I am going to be THE BLACK MIRROR NINJA!!! At school tomorrow we will have a permissions. I  will be singing with my class and other classes. I will tell you about tomorrow at my next blog!!!!!!!!!!

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The pumpkin patch and about Halloween

Today at school it was the pumpkin patch. It was too muddy for me. We had hot chocolate. On Halloween I am going to be the black mirror ninja.It does not have weapons. I will enjoy my costume on Halloween!!!!!!!!!

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The craft

Today at school we had a craft. We had to make puppit. It was a scaredy sqirl puppit!!!!!!!!

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I do not like rain a lot. Today it was raining really hard. Do you like rain? Anser with a comment!!!!!!!!

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The look

Today at lunch resec my friend lost a toy anthinity stone and I found it. I was proud of myself. The couler of the anthinity stone is blue!!!!!!!

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Dad picks me up

Today after school dad and mom came to school and got me home. When I saw dad I was suprised. I was like why is dad here!!!!!!!!!!

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Scaredy Squarl

Today after school I got home work that was sent home. The main charcter is Scaredy squarl. We are going to have a sleep-ofer!!!!!!

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I cant wait intill grace is back

I cant wait intill grace is back home. I love her. She is the oldest kid that was in my home!!!!!!!!!

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Grace is coming home

Grace is coming home the end of this year. I miss her a lot. Dad talked about it just now. I think dad bot the plane ride!!!!!!!

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