The Vancouver Art Gallery

Yesterday Grace, Gloria, Fiona (Grace’s friend), her brother and I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery. We went on the Skytrain to get there, and on the Skytrain I sneezed! When we got there, we had to pay. And then we had to put our stuff away, because we can’t carry our stuff in there.

In the beginning I did not take pictures, and then I took pictures with Grace’s phone. We ate lunch at McDonald’s! We walked around (to Canada Place). Then we took the Skytrain home. It was GOOD!!!!!! It was actually pretty fun.

Last Week

Last week I played A water balloon fight and I did not have fun. Therwere two colours of water balloon. one was blue thee otherone was purple. after we went to thee arport. I went to thee arport because laurence go bace. Over the weekend dad bot a train trak set do you no school strs at septenbr fith!!!!!!!

Playland at the PNE

Yesterday I went to Playland with Gloria, Grace, and Laurence . We ate french fries. I wanted to play bumper cars and I could go in my own car. It was fun! On the roller coaster I bonked my ears and I bit my tongue. I also went on the motorcycles. I went on the boat. after one ride I was not feelingood.!!!!!!