At Science World

I went to Science World yesterday with my sister, Gloria, my mom, and my cousin. I saw animals and I saw Lego. When we were building a house with sticks, I felt cold so my sister gave her sweater to me. It was too big for me!

There was a pretend waterfall with plastic balls that you could throw on to the top. You can throw it to the bottom. Sometimes I miss. Sometimes I hit the wall. I mostly got red balls because where I stood there were red balls around me so I took them. Red is my second favourite colour.

After, we went to a chocolate shop and I got Raspberry Fudge ice cream on a waffle cone. I liked the waffle cone. The waffle cone was crunchy and crispy. I liked the trip and I had lots of fun!!!!!

The Aquarium

Yesterday I went to the Vancouver Aquarium with my family!!!!!! I saw all kinds of animals in the water. I liked the cute penguins and nice dolphins!!!

I ate french fries. After we went to the aquarium, we went to the beach. I had fun at the beach. We went to the Third Beach then we went to the Second Beach. I went into the water and played in sand. my mom made my family to a plase to eat diner

Weekend: June 30-July 2

On Friday I got up early with Grace because it was her birthday and two of her friends came to our house! And I opened the door for them.

On Saturday I played basketball vs Mimi (Laurence our older cousin). I played golf over and over again. I planted green onions. At the end of the day I watched fireworks with my mom on Burnaby Mountain. The fireworks were big, the fireworks were small, and they were good. They were beautiful.

On Sunday I popped a balloon when we were done lunch, the balloon popped loud.

Today is Monday my family are playing Monopoly. We did not finish yet! Later we’re gonna go back to playing Monopoly.