Camp Timberline

On the twenty sixth all the grade six’s in our school went to Camp Timberline (some other people didn’t go for other reasons but most people went). We left around 9:30 – 10:00 and I rode in Jacobs dad’s car (they had a tesla). when we arrived we ate our packed lunches and went on a hike that was very muddy. Then, we did some activities such as challenge course and disc golf. At least that was what our group did. Other groups did the same things just in a different order. We then settled into our cabins. I took the bunk next to the washroom and was on the bottom bunk. The meals there were really good and all the activities were fun except for the challenge course and wall because the wall was to hard and the challenge course was just really hard parkour (kind of). We were to come home on my birthday and it was really fun. I enjoyed all the activities even if I sucked at them and loved all of the food. Overall I loved the experience.

stuff again

You know how I talked about a giant castle I’m building in Minecraft? I kind of lost interest in it but I did end up finishing all the towers except for the primary tower and added passageways it the walls. Now I’m working on a long term project. It includes my sister. Later on probably in the summer we will have a Minecraft server to build a table tennis arena. Why we aren’t using the current server is because a lot of the progress wasn’t saved. the reason for my sister to join is because she knows the arena and because she can make the server I think. Also I get to go to camp in April so that’s something I will tell you about. We come back from the camp on my birthday and we leave like two or three days before my birthday.