My glorious plan

I have a really good plan for something I would like to build in Minecraft. I am going to build a castle! Now, I have seen a lot of people build castles on YouTube and I have taken inspiration from them. I think it won’t be too big but also not really small. What I want is a tower in the middle and a weird shape for the land inside of the castle. I’ll make the villagers roam free around the inside and include stalls, a horse pen, a palace, a village and a few more things. Some of the stalls would probably include, gear, food and other necessities. The horse pen has got to be big if we’re gonna have many people living here. I’m thinking all the houses are very decorated and have people living in them. The palace must be grand. I don’t want just stone and wood for this part of the castle so I think I might build it in more rich blocks. I also might include some automatic farms! Right now I’m thinking of an iron farm but I might include a bee farm or crop farm. I think that I’ll also be asking for ideas from my family when I build this thing. I have a big plan for this so I hope it turns out like I want it to!

My Sister, Mom and I

These days Grace and Dad are in San Francisco visiting my Grandpa. My Dad and Grace left on January 31st.  Grace is there for a week while my dad is there for two weeks. That means that it’s going to be Gloria, my Mom and I for this week. When Grace comes home it will be one of the days that my class goes skating. I’m not excited for that at all. But once Grace comes back she can go back to the classes that need her help for teaching art. She has to help my last year teacher class on Friday morning and comes to my class after lunch on Friday.