Hello there!

Hi! I’m here to tell you all about what I’ve been doing ever since New Years. At school Grace is teaching us again but she also has a really big plan that I can’t really share (mainly because I didn’t make it and I don’t know what ALL the details are). We also had a big New Years dinner with my moms friend and my grandpas friend. My mother’s friend brought a guy with her who isn’t worth my brain energy to talk about. We also folded and ate dumplings with our neighbors and I played some games with one of them.

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New Year’s (2023)

Happy New Year to you. Even though its like January second now. I had  three New Years resolutions this year. The first one was to write more in my diary, find a hobby and like I like to say, “New Year! New teeth!” I have to lose the rest of my baby teeth soon because if I don’t I’ll have them pulled out by the dentist. I’m also in a big need of a hobby because sometimes if I get bored I have nothing to do AND I don’t want to do work. It does allow me to do something I like besides gaming. Speaking of gaming I got second place in a three versus three Diamond Rocket League Tournament.

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