Do YOU need anything in your life? or perhaps want? I mean like an item or thing that you need to survive. For example, essentials, like life essentials. Some life essentials are water, food, shelter and people. Then there are wants. Maybe you want things for entertainment or something that looks cool. With nothing to do you may be bored out of your mind. That’s why in my opinion we also need our wants in life. Not all of them but some to keep life interesting and to keep yourself from doing something you might regret in the future. I hope you all knew this before you read this.


In the world I got a lot of iron and coal from the mountains. I also made a garden for my grandparents that passed away (not the ones that are living yet). The garden has flowers and a maze. I think I just finished the expansion to the maze. At the end of the maze a made a throne with a secret at the back. The secret is just a diamond sword that is enchanted and not used. It’s called reward. I know, great name for a sword. I think I should put flowers in the maze. I showed my parents it and they like it.

My new Minecraft world

I started a new Minecraft world on my Minecraft account. It’s called “YEWAH WE BUILDIN” and in the beginning I was just building in creative mode but now I used cheats and commands to play in survival mode. I made a base in survival mode in a hole I created using TNT it creative mode. After I made a storage room and made a villager trading room to trade with villagers and I flattened the hole using dirt. After that I made a field of poppies because Remembrance day is coming up. I used Iron Golems and commands to get the poppies I needed to plant in the ground. I also want to do more mining in the world. I’ll update you about the world in the future!