I like to play Nintendo Switch Sports with my sisters. I like getting all of the customization items. My sisters are ahead of me in getting all the items that are available. I have yet to get the dark set items. Besides the items I have “Pro League” in four out of six sports, Soccer, Bowling, Volleyball and Tennis. The sports I don’t have Pro League are Chambara and Badminton. Those ones are so hard to beat people in. Pro League is when they give you a rank while you play sports. I am an E rank in all the sports I have Pro League in. I NEED TO GET A RANK IN BADMITON AND CHAMBARA!


I love my sisters. They are great sisters. They care for me and we all have a strong bond. My two sisters are both older than me so I don’t have responsibility which is really nice. I get to be the youngest and be the baby of the family. My sisters don’t really criticize my work, they just laugh at it and give me advice. That’s right! Their advice is WAY better than all of my teachers advices. They make sure I can understand it and show an example. Sometimes my sisters are kind of scary because they laugh at the same time and it’s loud. It’s also about something I don’t know about.





ya hear that?


I want to make another single player Minecraft world. I want to do that so I can finally get diamonds in a single player survival world. It would be my first time getting them. I think it will be difficult since I play Minecraft without killing mobs that can kill me so that is a problem. I think I should build a house close to a village and make a mine not too faraway so I can get iron so I can get the very rare diamonds. I hope that it will be possible for me to obtain the diamonds one day.


My story is bad and I dislike it (The story I wrote for a school assignment. It has many mistakes. I don’t really like what I did to the story either and I wished that I made it something different. I also wished that I made the story a bit longer so it would make more sense and it’d be more satisfying to read. I also wish that the whole story would be different because I don’t really think that it’d be good if I continue to write about it. I do think the front and back of the book look good though!