My video game experience

I’ve played a lot of video games in my ten years of existence. From platforming to racing to peaceful to battle to just checking in every once in a while to coordination. They are all so fun! In peaceful I played “Animal Crossing New Horizons” and other games that I can’t remember. In racing there is the Mario kart series and the Asphalt series that I played. In platforming there are lot’s of different games that have “Mario” in it. (“Super Mario Maker 2″ect.) In checking in every once in a while there is “Neko Atsume”. You just check in to unlock different cats, either popular ones or just some random ones. One of them’s name is the same as mine! Gabriel!

Super Mario Maker 2 Levels

I play this game a lot of the time. I make a lot of levels. I play more levels then I make. I’m currently making a level that’s in “Super Mario 3d” world theme. I’m trying to make it look nice and be a hard level. I use the two different type of slopes to make a lopsided hill. I’m only a little bit done with making it. I still don’t have a name for it. I think I’ll name it something related to koopas who don’t jump of cliffs (they only jump off of them when they want there shell that is not on them). I hope I can add more goombas in the level. Wish me luck!

Bluebear and other stuff

In Animal Crossing New Horizons we got another villager named Bluebear. We kicked out Freckles for him or her to come. He moved in a few days ago.

Now to the important parts. I am decorating the island. However, I have to remove flowers in certain parts. I have to get rid of flowers that are in front of other villagers houses. I have made the airport a warm welcoming place. I want to add a relaxation area near some flowers on the top part of the island. I’m not sure if Gloria will remove some flowers with me. I think she should because this our island.