MATH TIME! There is a test in school about math that you can do for fun. I have been practicing for it for quite a bit. It’s a grade seven math test that I want to try for it. There is also a grade eight version that’s harder. I’m a grade FOUR and I’m doing the grade seven one, so I don’t think I’ll get very good.

I have been playing “Super Mario Maker 2” for a while and I have made many levels. Some are on the way to come and some are not finished. One levels is so hard that I can’t beat it so I can upload it. You have to beat the course before you want to upload the level. I’m making annoying boss levels and “normal” levels.

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Champions Road

Hello everybody that likes to read here for some reason. I will be talking about the one and only final course in super Mario 3D world, Champions Road. So How did I get there? Well I had my classmates help me in getting there because… well I suck at the game and they know how to get some green stars that I can’t get by myself because it’s to hard. I didn’t beat Champions Road yet cuz it’s WAY to hard. It has a lot of enemies and stuff. There are blinking blocks (they turn blue and red each beat. Blue are in certain areas and red are in certain areas) that switch every beat and you have to make it across. I have an amiibo to help me complete the course so wish me luck!

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