My dad made a Minecraft server so I can play on it with my sister, Grace. I made a bone house with a nether portal underground and gear for Grace. I am really proud of it and I really want to play with her.

I got netherite armor and netherite tools that are enchanted. I want her to put more enchantments on HER tools and armor. I did mine already. You use books to enchant things and you put the thing you WANT to enchant in the anvil and put a book there, then it’s enchanted.


We all have them. Sometimes here, sometimes there, sometimes in your underwear! But seriously we do. There are the basic ones like happy, sad, mad, angry and calm. There are other feelings too. But those are also emotions. You can feel the emotion. That’s how they are related. I don’t like to talk about my own feelings because I don’t like too and I think it’s awkward. 🙂


P.S this is a short post because it’s for fun. 🙂


In the SEEKERS series there is a lot happening. First the basics, There is 1 black bear, 2 brown bears, 1 polar bear in the first series. In the second one brown bear dies so there is 1 brown bear, 1 black bear and 2 polar bears. They travel around Canada. They start around the Rocky Mountains I think and they work there way up. The polar bear starts at Hudson’s Bay. The second polar bear comes from the territories. They originally tried to go to the endless ice, which I guess is in the territories. The second series has them find their home again. At the end of the last book in the second series it has the last chapter show the bears and their cubs at the gathering for all of the bears (it’s so cute and mushy!!!). They do all kinds of things, like trap a whole pack of wolves, kill a pack of coyotes. They crossed, what’s called Big river in the book that has really strong waves. They crossed a so called “Smoke Mountain” which I think is a volcano.


There are so many things that I like doing. I like to read, to game, to eat, to sleep, to spend quality time with your family and a WHOLE bunch more (that I can’t think of on the spot)!

GAMIN: I don’t have anything new about gaming but that I didn’t beat “Champions Road” yet because I’m too scared. :(. Played with ma friends (SUPER MARIO MAKER 2) this morning and we ended up with killing each other. ;).

READIN: I finished Warriors. Now I’m reading the “I AM CANADA” series which I believe is owned by Grace (we have the books in the house).


MATH TIME! There is a test in school about math that you can do for fun. I have been practicing for it for quite a bit. It’s a grade seven math test that I want to try for it. There is also a grade eight version that’s harder. I’m a grade FOUR and I’m doing the grade seven one, so I don’t think I’ll get very good.

I have been playing “Super Mario Maker 2” for a while and I have made many levels. Some are on the way to come and some are not finished. One levels is so hard that I can’t beat it so I can upload it. You have to beat the course before you want to upload the level. I’m making annoying boss levels and “normal” levels.

Champions Road

Hello everybody that likes to read here for some reason. I will be talking about the one and only final course in super Mario 3D world, Champions Road. So How did I get there? Well I had my classmates help me in getting there because… well I suck at the game and they know how to get some green stars that I can’t get by myself because it’s to hard. I didn’t beat Champions Road yet cuz it’s WAY to hard. It has a lot of enemies and stuff. There are blinking blocks (they turn blue and red each beat. Blue are in certain areas and red are in certain areas) that switch every beat and you have to make it across. I have an amiibo to help me complete the course so wish me luck!