I am currently drawing and colouring an among us book that I want to complete right now. I made a small story a few days ago using one piece of paper but I want to make a BIG book of it. One page of paper is four pages in my book. I have got to page three of paper but a different page of pages. Hope that made sense.

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Today everyone at school dressed up like random things for school Halloween. A kid dressed like a chicken but it was a giant inflatable chicken. It was so big that the person inside it had to have his friends help to go down the stairs and go through the door. Someone was an angle and someone was a killer person. I was dressed up as my sister. I borrowed her UNIVERSITY of TORONTO shirt.

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Tomorrow is the school day of Halloween. I will dress like Grace my older sister. I will wear a University of Toronto shirt, a sweater SHE wore when she was my age, a pair of jeans, white socks AND a pair of white shoes. I think this year my costume is the best costume yet out of all my costumes I wore for Halloween.

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Hello? My school work

Hello? Are you guys there? Oh good you are there. I just wanna say that today’s school work that was at the end of the day was pretty exciting. We had to think of a class name and present today and we had to vote with our eyes closed. My name was “Bright Bunnies” and I made it to the finals with four other people.

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I LOVE THAT GAME, but the reason I am typing this as my title is because I unlocked a GEM. There are five gems in total and I only have ONE. My only gem’s colour is yellow and looks like pac man, but it’s called the spirit gem. I unlocked it by playing sound stage on all difficulties. I think it’s called the SPIRIT gem because you need to have very good spirits for that.

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OH YEAH! I unlocked Diddy Kong and Dry bones in super Mario party. Diddy Kong was easy to unlock because I just had to get Gloria with me to beat Diddy Kong in a minigame. Dry bones just randomly appeared on the party plaza so that was easy as well. I still have to get five gems in the game other that unlocking two more people that are Pom Pom and Donkey Kong.

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Yesterday I wrote about super Mario party. Today I will tell you my progress in the game. I have unlocked all the mini games in four days. I didn’t even know that. Just now I counted and I’m like “WHAT? In four days I did ALL that?” Well I needed to unlock all the mini games because after I do that I can do the story mode. I did six levels of story mode yesterday but I think I have to continue doing that tomorrow.

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It’s a game that I play daily right now for a few days. It’s basically Mario party but with WAY better graphics. I started playing on my sister Gloria’s birthday. I haven’t unlocked any of the four characters that I have to unlock yet. I have to unlock Dry bones (my favourite guy), Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong and Pom Pom. Pom Pom is a koopa that has a red shell but is short and is a boss fight person.

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What will my lunch be? I have no idea of what I will eat for lunch later. I could eat instant noodles and other stuff or I could eat… anything I like at least. I want to eat instant noodles, maybe even add some meat in it. I might eat spicy ones or not. I might eat soup ones or not. I haven’t decided yet. If I eat instant noodles I might share with my sister Gloria, if I don’t… well I don’t know.

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I am not a big fan of the veggies. I like meat… like I said yesterday. I don’t like bok choy, mushrooms and a lot more different types of veggies. I rarely like a type of veggies. I like long ones that are hard to chew and one that is called yellow something veggie in Shanghainese. I also like to eat cucumbers. I had to eat some veggies that I do not like today.

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