MY favourite ACNH character

You know I haven’t wrote about animal crossing new horizons in a while. I remember my favourite character isĀ  named Marshal, he’s a squirrel. He is actually a very cute squirrel. His birthday was yesterday and I googled it (that’s why I know). I did not participate in it because we don’t have him. Speaking of animal crossing I haven’t played the game in a while. I will have to go bug catching and fish tomorrow because there are gonna be new fish and new bugs in a new month.


I hate school. I mean to be honest who wants to get up in the morning and get up just to learn at school? Am I right? I know my answer to that is NO! I am not a morning guy and we have to do so many things that I hate. One math, two make friends, three French and four DESKS! I don’t like eating at school because I won’t be able to eat instant noodles.

Among Us (2)

Yes I had been talking about this game for a few days but I have big news about it. I actually got it on my phone today. I got my parents permission and I have enough space for it. I haven’t opened it yet because I’m waiting for my phone to be fully charged so it will work better for the first time opening it. I may have mentioned that I watched people play thus game and I thought the game is pretty cool so I installed it.

A game

I have been watching people play this game that’s new and that’s called “among us”. I think it’s a pretty fun game by the looks of how you play. I did get really spooked by the game though. The game is how there is a giant ship in space and there are a lot of crewmates but only one imposter. I find the small little people really cute. There are ten people in one round so that means there are nine crewmates and one imposter.

I eat

I like to eat stuff. Food is good for you. I like to eat chips, meat, chocolate, noodles and fast food. I like noodles so much that it is unbelievable of how fast I eat them. I like to eat the ones with soup and the ones that has no soup. I like all types of meat too (beef, pork and chicken). I like to eat the meatballs from Ikea and the homemade meatballs my dad and I make.


today is a pro-d day, which is a day that I love because it is a day that students don’t go to school. I also like it because it’s not on one day only. Each school has there own pro-d day too. I get to lie in bed and play video games. I also get to eat noodles and meat more often. School is also very annoying and I don’t want to get up every morning just to go to school and learn.

The day

Today was not the best day in my opinion. At least I wasn’t one of those kids who have to stay in for lunch recess and read dictionaries. He said that the ultimate punishment will be the whole class staying in reading dictionaries, even if only three people did it. I hate that. We also need to get a duo tang ad a binder for our desk and planner that we have to make ourselves.

a lot of rain

Today it is raining a lot. I hate rain, especially when it rains really hard. That was today’s amount of rain and I got three layers of tops wet. When I got home I changed all three of my top layers. I really think that rain is annoying because I am not comfortable with rain and I am not like other kids who like jumping into puddles while wearing boots. I actually hate wearing boots.

Properly watching Lego Ninjago

I finally am watching Lego Ninjago. I finally found the proper episodes for the first 10 seasons (hehe). I really like watching it. I have one characters hair and face but not the body parts. I have Lloyd from the movie and Kia from season six and seven. I have Nya from season ten and sensei Wu from the movie. I like the movie but tis not made from the actual show so I don’t like it that much.

My teacher

My teacher at school is a great teacher and I like him a lot. He does not believe in home work but he does give home work to you. He says that he will rarely give you home work. He is also indigenous but from the other side of Canada. He does extra time but sometimes when somebody is not good it will have an effect to the whole class. I think that’s fair because it might teach them a lesson.