ACNH five star rating

Recently my sisters and I got five stars on our deserted island in animal crossing new horizons. we all got the golden watering can DIY recipe. We also got a lily of the valley flower because we got five stars. Two days after we got five stars we noticed we had a four star rating and my reaction was, NO! We worked so hard for it! Other people’s island look really cool and they have a five star rating but ours well we did not work THAT hard.

Cold day

I had  a very cold day yesterday. I was not wearing socks and I was wearing flip flops so you would think I was cold on the feet but I was actually cold on my legs! When I entered the shower of warm water my whole body was cold and then it got warmed up. My mom said that it will be hotter later on, like next week. Since yesterday was so cold I wore socks today.

Heave Ho

Heave ho is a game I really like. The game recently added new costumes for you heave ho man because of the new update that is versus mode! Originally there were two modes Cooperation mode and single player mode. Now there are three because of the versus. My sisters and I tried the new mode before and It’s basically teams. There has two be at least two teams. Grace was blue, Gloria was red and I was green.

Acnh Meteor shower

Yesterday we had a meteor shower in animal crossing new horizons. It was really cool! We had tons of shooting stars. I got star fragments along with Virgo fragments. I got three Virgo fragments and seventeen star fragments. I had to search on the beaches for them to appear. They come randomly so I search for them at different times. Later today Grace and Gloria (My two older sisters) have to search on the beach too.

Mario kart games

I love car games and Mario kart ones are one of the ones that I really like. Let’s start from oldest to newest. Mario kart Ds is the one that’s on the Ds. It has less characters and only seven CPU’s play with you. Mario kart Wii is on the Wii. It has eleven CPU’s playing with you. It has 24 characters. It also has three size, small, medium and big. Mario kart eight deluxe has zero gravity and a lot of different characters. There are even different colours for some characters.


I had a sleepover last night. It was on my sister Gloria’s bed. My two sisters and I tried to fall asleep all on her bed but we did not succeed. Instead Grace and I slept on grace’s bed and Gloria stayed on her bed. We also played a game that lasted pretty short because we had to turn on the spot when we were all on Gloria’s bed. It was that Grace drew something on my back and then I draw the exact thing on Gloria’s back. It’s kinda like telephone but you draw it.

Minecraft survival world

I made another minecraft survival world and I already have iron boots. I also already have a shield. I got bonus chests on. I did that becuase I think it’s fun to move around and find some chests with loot in them. Every time you put the bonus chests on and you start. You will be beside one. I started with a chest that had three apples, a stone ax, a wooden pickax and a bit of wood. (including sticks.)

The Walk

I had a walk with Gloria my sister yesterday before dinner. It was fun! We went to my school. (Sperling elementary school.) The playgrounds were open and I saw spray paint on the swing things with a ripped off piece of paper to tell you that you should be safe there. There was also I new sign for the kids to know to be careful. They put the sign in the dirt and packed in more dirt from a different place. My concern was what if a kid runs into it.


In animal crossing new horizons there are bug offs and fishing tourneys. In the spring and summer there are three bug offs and in the winter I ;m pretty sure there’s only one bug off. I think it’s the same for the fishing tourneys bu the opposite. Yesterday was a bug off. It was our third bug off. How it works is the bug guy comes at the plaza, sets a timer of three minutes for you to catch bugs. You get points based on how many bugs you catch. He also buys your bugs. If you have ten points you can get a bug relic.

Ninjago season 12 and 13

I love watching the Ninjago seasons. Season 1 was pretty bad because itdid not have that good quality. (also because it was in 2011.) Season twelve is a season about the lightning ninja because it likes video games and most of the ninja are stuck inside a video game. Season thirteen came out this year and I finished watching it in one whole day. (that was yesterday.) It was about the earth ninja and the season was called “Master of the Mountain”. I really like the whole series!!!