Animal Crossing Island designer

In animal crossing new horizons you can use an app on your game phone to start construction using the island designer app. I love the app because you can make cliffs, get water into the ocean or make ponds and get paths that you can use. Your villagers will follow the path when it’s done. You can make curves with the paths. You cannot control wearing a hard hat or not because when you start construction you will automatically wear the hard hat.

Animal Crossing life

I forgot to mention the name of our island in Animal crossing. It’s name is Baozi dao. (not sure if it’s spelled correctly) The island looks like a normal deserted island with a small town. I really want Marshall on our island except it is so hard to get a¬† really specific villager that you want. I want him because he looks like me and has tail is as bigger than his head, also that he is a white squirrel and that’s cute.

Animal Crossing

Our island in Animal Crossing New Horizons have a four star rating out of five star rating. We have fencing but they say we should put more fencing here and there. They even say maybe to put more stuff outside and decorate the island. I’m pretty sure we need more inclines and bridges that we all have to pay for. ( my sisters and I mean “all”) I made a small playground on my part of the island and I’m planning on doing something else there too.

Lego Men and Vehicles

I have a lot of Lego men. I like the ones that are the default ones that the legs and arms can move and that have shorter legs than the ones you get so often. Some are short but only the arms can move and some have to be built and cannot move anything, like Hulk’s Lego man. I always wanted to get a motorcycle in Lego things, but I don’t have the pieces and the instructions. I wanted one because sometimes it’s boring with only cars, so get a motorcycle!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Crafting

I love crafting in animal crossing new horizons because you have to get DIY recipes in order to craft it and you can not learn a DIY recipe that you have. You can’t give the DIY recipe to any villagers, you can give it to other people on your island that are real players or leave it outside to sell later on. The most common things to craft are your tools, a fishing rod, a net, a slingshot, an ax and a shovel. There is one more tool that you only need to craft once because it will never break, a ladder.

Animal Crossing New Horizons three players

I played Animal Crossing New Horizons again but with both of my siblings at the same time. I was green, Gloria was oink and Grace was blue. Then I turned into a blue bear and both of my sister stayed there colours but were in Asian outfits. We all went deep sea diving and I was super happy about it, except the part where we all had to be leader to put our swimsuits on.

Kirby Star Alies

I love that game!!! It’s a game on the Nintendo switch that Lulu my cousin bought for us (my siblings and I). It’s about a sphere that has feet and is pink with his friends saving other friends¬† from dark hearts that look like crystals. The sphere is Kirby and there are many games related to Kirby and he is the main character that looks like me. My favourite character is Meta Knight. He has a giant sword and is cute at the same time as being deadly.


I got a new mattress two days ago. It is soft and hard at the same time. It is softer than my two sisters beds mattress and harder than my mother and father mattress, so my mattress is between theirs. I’ve been waiting for a new mattress for a long time because my original mattress has a lot of pee stains and throw up stains from my two sisters when they were little. I love my mattress!!!

Bad dream (2)

Sorry that I didn’t do this title yesterday. Well there were two versions of part two. One is all of my family members are dead including me and we were discussing how we died and I was crying a lot. It was kinda painful crying in that dream. The other version is just both of my sisters eating pizza at home and my parents and I just show up, tell the story, and then both of my sisters were crying.


I love using headphones when somebody is downstairs with me while I’m watching stuff on youtube because I usually play it out loud but I don’t want them to hear it so… yeah. My ear buds have a little bag that you put the ear buds in and it has ice bear on it, a bear in a cartoon that is my favourite character. It is a blue case and blue wires and the bear is white because it is a polar bear.