Happy Birthday Grace

Happy Birthday Grace your twenty now! Sorry that I have to write/type my card to you on my blog post (hope you appreciate this) :D. I don’t really have any thing for you today but I’ll try to make this day special for you. Even if you’re not Grace you can still read it since my blog is a free thing so anyone can read it. I kinda feel sad that I don’t have anything for you.




Minecraft Fun

Minecraft fun means a single player folder or world that is named FUN. I built a super ling roller coaster first, then I built a restaurant, then I built a ice cream parlor with a wild animal fundraiser, with a royal fox family castle (in progress) and a target that you can practice getting bullseye’s. I love that world I have in minecraft. I love making creations that others tell me I should do. See you.

ACNH life

My character in Animal Crossing New Horizons is a human, like my two sisters and our villagers are animals. You get bells that are actually in bags so I like to call them money. I made a park beside my house and it has paths. We have rivers that we can jump through because we made a block through the water. We got cliffs that we did not make. I love that game because you can dress yourself up.

ACNH Characters 2

…um a. Yeah the characters we have on our island are our villagers. We have Renee and Goose the original villagers we have. Freckles, Rex and Lolly the next three that came. Then we got Ed a horse, Tipper a cow, Maple a bear, Knox another chicken like Goose and Pecko another bear as well. Almost every day we have a villager crafting because we have the maximum of people so there is a higher chance of someone crafting, like today we have Tipper crafting a bamboo shelf.

ACNH Characters

There are so many characters in all of the animal crossing games. Even characters that are always on your island, like the staff, Timmy and Tommy, (the twins) Tom Nook (the main guy) and Isabelle. Tom Nook adopted these abandoned twins Timmy and Tommy, the tanuki’s just like himself. Isabelle is a dog and there is a museum guy named Blathers and he owns the museum. You can have up to ten villagers and up to four lpayers on the island.

ACNH Turnips

Do you like turnips in real life? I don’t know if I like them or not because I don’t remember what they look like. But anyway Animal Crossing New Horizons turnips are white and green and you can sell them for better prices than when you buy them. Each day has different prices, in the morning and in the evening. I bought two-hundred on Sunday because I had a lot of money. The person who you buy turnips from wanders around on your island every Sunday.

New Car!!!

Yesterday for three or four hours we bought a new car. The car was a used car and it is a Volkswagen. It’s a five passenger seat car, our old one had seven passenger seat car and was a Pontiac. My dad drives on the left and then my mom sits on the right of the front, I sit in the middle of the back, Gloria sits behind mom and Grace sits behind dad. The car is perfect hieght for us.


Animal crossing new horizons teach me different types of fish. The most common fish we fish up are black bass and sea bass. All the fish you fish up have a joke they write down. There are sharks too. I caught the great white shark, the whale shark, a hammerhead shark and a saw shark. There is also a fish called a sucker fish because it sucks the sharks stuff, not because it sucks. I love those fish, especially the oarfish.

Taiko no Tatsujin

That’s my title. I can’t spell it but I like the game( I copied and pasted from google) a lot. It’s a drum game and my sister loves it! My older sister Grace and I unlocked every character, even the one you have to pay for. I love that game because it’s a music game. You hit the notes to the beat and there are small circles and big ones, there’s red and blue. Big is for two at once and small is for one.

School (update)

School is about to end and I want to end it faster because I get sleepy when we do art. I get sleepy during art because I don’t really like art, neither am I good at art. I don’t want school to end because I like my teacher and this year went by faster than usual. I also want to spend more time with my sisters so it’s a win, win situation. Bye, see ya”ll later!